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Relationship Problems and Solutions

Relationships are prone and susceptible to having problems, issues, troubles and difficulties, and even the best ones fall and separate because the couple involved weren’t able to handle and control the difficult situation. Situations like you both come home stressed and tired from the workplace, the kids are being too hard to handle, the in-laws are butting in on your relationship every now and then and it’s driving you insane and so many more circumstances that happen in life and you cannot stop from happening.


When life throws you and your partner tough and intricate challenges during your relationship then you cannot do anything but to face it, overcome the situation and celebrate. Bad things happen and you will only know about your partner’s real and genuine temperament when they come and go. You will know how he or she will handle all the negative emotions and feelings that will overwhelm them once they find themselves in a situation where the relationship or the family is at stake.


Just keep in mind, that whatever it is that you encounter, you just got to have faith and believe that you and your partner will survive this storm and that your relationship will become stronger after it.


Here are some of the most common problems that couples face in their relationships:


1. Not having enough trust


Not trusting your partner is a major red alert in any relationship. Why? Because you won’t stop wondering or accusing that your partner did something wrong, like cheating or flirting with other people, even if they haven’t. Also, you will keep on thinking about whether or not your partner is telling you the truth or if they’re lying. If you find yourself doing these things then it is time to discuss it with your partner and let him know how you think and feel towards their actions.


What you can do:

Never lie to your partner even about small matters as it may trigger their issues and might heighten their doubts and worries. Respect them and prove them that you are doing nothing wrong and there is absolutely nothing to worry about. Be trustworthy so your partner can trust you wholeheartedly and be sincere with your actions, words and thoughts, always.


2. When things just don’t go your way and everything is just too much for the both of you to handle.


Yes, this is inevitable as we couldn’t actually control what comes and happens in the future and things just happen in a snap. It is normal to be upset and overwhelmed at times, especially if your facing something really difficult and to have a negative reaction towards it is understandable.


What you can do:

Let your partner know and always remind them that you are always there for him or her whenever times get tough. Let them know that you are willing to listen to their rants and problems all the time and that you will try your best to help them with it or to assist them with whatever they need to do in order to conquer the problem. Instead of actually letting the situation create a wedge and let you drift away from each other, try to broaden your understanding, assess the situation and manage to find a solution for it.


3. Poor communication


When you and your partner do not talk and discuss things with each other, there is a huge tendency that you will have lots of fights, arguments and misunderstandings. And it would definitely make the two of you lose interest with each other.


What you can do:

You have to know and learn how to communicate effectively with your partner. It means that you have to know when to listen to them and when to address the problem. Never interrupt when he or she is talking and never make them feel like you are attacking them with your words. Talk to each other calmly and open yourself to whatever it is that you are going to hear about.


4. Not prioritizing your partner


Yes, you might have a lot of things on your hands regarding work and other stuff but never make your partner feel alone and unimportant.


What you can do:

If you are busy with work, then you have to actually make time for your partner, every day. You can either go out to watch a movie, or have dinner together, or just even sit on the couch for thirty minutes while discussing what happened during the day and how your work has been, is enough. Spend time with him or her and make them feel loved and cared for.


5. Money matters


Money is essential and yes, everybody in this world needs it in order to survive and live prosperously. Long term couples fight over money as there may be not enough for them to spend on important things such as bills, food and allowances, or the both of you do not have the same money rules, like one wants to save and the other just wants to spend, or one is too stingy or too tight when it comes to money.


What you can do:

The only thing you can do is to actually talk about the matter and come to a decision on who will save and handle the money. Agree on a budget and talk about the things that you have to buy for the house or for yourselves. Follow your budget and your agreements to avoid conflict and misunderstandings.


6. Different sexual needs


Sexual activities are important in a romantic and intimate relationships. You will know that it is time to talk about it when one of you is not being satisfied in bed or if you feel like you have different needs, wants and desires when having sex.


What you can do:

Make time so you can be intimate with your partner. If you’re thinking about the kids, you can always ask someone close to you to babysit for one night and tell them that you will be spending time together. Sex is important as it will allow you to feel physically and emotionally attached with each other and it can keep the love alive. You have to make sure that the both of you are happy and satisfied with your sex life.



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