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Relationship Breakdown: Knowing the Signs and Moving On

In a relationship, it is normal that you face problems and difficulties as a couple as these are inevitable and inescapable to all of us. Although, there are drastic and serious problems, complications and difficult situations that could make or break your relationship. It’s either you face together and tough things out or just let it ruin your connection with each other and part ways.


If it is too much for both people involved in the relationship to handle the stress, the misery and the consequences of their actions and words then a break up is about to happen. This is probably when you tried your hardest to fight for the person but instead, what happens is you fight with the person. It’s like the fighting and arguments go by more frequently and every little thing along with the big things, just pile up on you and you cannot seem to take it anymore. One can only take in and absorb so much anger, aggravation, frustration, pain, distress and damage before they lose their temper, explode and go ballistic.


If you are in a long term relationship, then you would probably be able to observe the changes and the evolution of your romance with your partner. You might notice that things aren’t the way they were before, back then when you were just starting your promising and budding relationship. Of course, there are stages and cycles that couples go through before actually reaching the point where they had to break up and end their relationship.


How would you know when your relationship is on the verge of breaking up?



If you notice some of these things happening to your relationship right now then be alarmed as it these are signs of a crumbling relationship and it may cause you to be distressed and anxious about the situation that you will find yourself in.


Assess the situation and determine if the relationship can still be saved or is it still worth saving. If it can or if it is then do everything that needs to be done in order to preserve the love and retrieve the lost time, effort and understanding between you and your partner. Talk about the problems and issues that you’re having and present a solution that both of you have to agree upon. Once you’ve settled and fixed what’s harming and ruining the relationship then both of you could start anew and continue on as a happy couple.


But there are time when you do not have it in your hands to fix the situation particularly when things have been difficult for a while and it was bound to happen. Maybe you aren’t really for each other and it is time for you to walk away and go to your separate ways and meet new people. Easier said than done, yes? Although of course, a break up is not something that you can just easily accept and live with, especially if you have spent a lot of time with your significant other. You will definitely feel a sense of loss, anger, self-pity and might even cause you to be depressed and confused. The change will have you undergo stretch of behaviors and actions such as crying, weeping, experiencing difficulties in sleeping at night and eating your daily meals and having a hard time concentrating at work.


Just always remember that when things do not go your way, do not fear and shut yourself out because there are a lot of reasons to live and be happy. You might still feel overwhelmed and engulfed by sadness and despair but when you are able to get your feet back on the ground you will be surprised how much you will get to appreciate life and how it gave you another chance to love a different and better person.


Here are some of the things that you would be able to feel once you accepted that the relationship is over and that you are now on your own:



There will still be times that you will be devoured and absorbed by sadness and it would seem like a dark day that you just wouldn’t want to move or breath, and simply getting out of bed is a hard thing to do for you.


When a relationship crumbles and scatters into pieces it is a moment in life where you’ll feel all kinds of emotions, be it positive and negative feelings. All you have to do is have faith in yourself because whatever happens you will be able to overcome that dark stage of your life and be happy once again.

Lastly, never ever restrain yourself from falling in love again. You got hurt? That’s okay, at least you know you are capable of feeling pain and you could use the experience to hone yourself to be a better person. Just got out from a failed relationship? That’s okay, at least you know you are capable of loving and when another one comes you know you will be able to love him or her well, even more than how you loved your previous partner. Scared to love again? That’s okay, at least you will now be cautious in choosing your partner and make sure that he or she is different from the former lover.


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