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Relationship Advice for Women

It’s really frustrating when you think about being single when everyone else is actually married or currently in a relationship with someone they really really like. What’s more frustrating is that you feel like you have been looking at the wrong places at the wrong time. For a person who would love to experience love firsthand and meet the right one for them, this is depressing and exhausting and the situation could make you feel as if you are very unfortunate for not being with someone when all of your friends are dating their partners and seem to be very happy about it.


Finding love isn’t a competition. It isn’t about who finds who and who finds it first but it is about falling in love with the right person at the right time. It’s about finding the man who is deserving of your love and who loves you back with all his heart. It’s about making sure that he could take care of you and would stick beside you regardless the situations, issues and difficulties that you both go through. And besides, you would want to be sure of the person whom you are falling in love with, and not end up with a random man that you met in a bar over a couple of drinks.


Here are a few tips for the women of this generation on how they could handle a relationship once they have found the love of their life.


1. Do not overthink. Overthinking get you nowhere. When you are on the part where you’re still searching for the man of your dreams, do not overthink or be paranoid about it. Make sure that you know what you want and rely on your intuition. It is always good to rely on our gut feeling when we are meeting new people, it is not just passing judgment based on their appearance but it is allowing yourself to determine whether this person is to be trusted or not. If you immediately feel like he’s bad news, then move along as there are many other fishes in the sea.


2. When you are in a relationship, you have to make sure that it is what you really want. You have to make sure that you’re ready to be committed to only one person and that you’re willing to devote your time, your attention, your money and your love to him. Also, you have to make sure if he is the right one for you. He should make you feel good about yourself, secure your feelings, respect you as the woman you are and make you feel genuinely happy. If not, then you should reevaluate everything until you have come to a certain decision that will surely make you happy.


3.  Strengthen your friendship with your man. This will allow you to really be connected with him as you get to spend a lot of time together, doing simple things like going to the grocery, having coffee at Starbucks or exercising together. Also, make sure that you two talk about each others likes, dislikes, dreams, goals and wishes as it is vital to know what your partner plans to do in the future or if it even involves you. Be each other’s best friend and you will never ask for more.


4. Stay positive and be realistic. Stop thinking about prince charming, castles and carriages, those are only in fairy tales. Allow yourself to accept the fact that your true love might not be as rich as Bill gates or as handsome as Brad Pitt and that is okay. Falling in love is accepting the flaws and imperfections of the other person and loving them as to what they are, who they are and what they have. Do not set very high standards when you are in search for a partner because it will only make things difficult for you. Just keep on thinking that he is out there, also waiting to meet you one day. Hope and believe that true love exists.


5. Never compare your partner to another man, especially to your ex-boyfriend. If your ex-boyfriend cheated on you, do not assume that your current boyfriend is going to do the same to you. You might have been hurt before but allow someone to make you feel that not all men are bad. No one is exactly the same as another person, we all have our differences. Do not look for things or characteristics of another man from you boyfriend, you will end up breaking off the relationship because he won’t be able to give you want you want. Also, there is a reason why you aren’t with your ex flame anymore, do you want to end up with someone like him?  


6. Do not let yourself cling to your partner always. You have your own thing and errands to do and he has his. Give enough time and space to miss each other. A little space and time is healthy for couples to attend to their own needs. Let your partner breath and do not suffocate him with nags and complaints.


7. Always remember to be affectionate and remind him that you love and care for him with all your heart. This can make them feel happy and positive all the time and it can boost their energy and confidence. Also, let him know that you appreciate him and everything he does for you and your relationship. Thank him as often as possible.


8. Never lose yourself in a man. There are women who are okay to pretend as someone whom they aren’t just so they could date a certain guy. Never lose your identity for the sake of another person. Be true to yourself and show him how and who you really are. If he likes what he sees then he gets it, if not then there is no reason for you to like that kind of guy. Walk away and leave.


9. He is not the world, he is just a person. Yes, yes, you love him and you want to be with him everyday 24/7, but you cannot just demand all of his time and have him devote it just for you. Let him go out with friends, have his alone time or spend time with his family. Do not make your world rotate around him. It is not healthy.


10. Always be supportive, be it about his career, his new job, his new car, his new found hobby or his favorite pastime, support him with all you’ve got. Even if you think basketball courts are hot and smelly and even if you think his voice is not as good as a singer’s when he sings. Support him. Show him that you approve of what he’s doing and that you are there for him through everything.


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