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Relationship Advice For Men

Women are, by nature, more reserves, shy and reticent when it comes to expressing their feelings and emotions openly with men especially in matter of relationship of love and marriage.

It is not, therefore, the woman who takes the initiative and says openly to her man: I love you! The first profession of love lies in the domain of men. It is they who have to take the initiative--break the   stone-hard ice. It is then the women also admit the same and say: I love you too!

 A woman might rather spend her lifetime, wither and wilt away and even die for the love of her man rather than take the initiative in openly   expressing it.

This is not just the social convention. The reticence is ingrained in their nature. It is a part of their femininity. It is probably not the pride, but their extreme modesty not to be vocal about their feelings in respect of love.

This probably explains why a woman is regarded an eternal mystery. There is actually nothing mysterious in the sense of being secretive, conspiratorial or strategic in their stoic silence. They do not have any plans or schemes like woman vs man or who will blink first.

But women are by and large more intelligent than their men counterparts in matters of love. They also think yearningly at the men they love, but have a knack of turning their eyes away almost reflexively as soon as or even before the men cast their eyes upon them.

The man never becomes conscious of their swift, adroit and invisible move and therefore feels sad, vanquished and frustrated for not being able to ‘catch her eye’ despite looking imploringly at her for hours. This probably is the true secret of woman’s enigmatic mystery.

But the so-called powerful, brawny, gigantic, muscular and manly males become confused and nervous by the stony silence of women born out of modesty and call it mystery. They are not able to muster courage and confidence for not being able to resolve this mystery. Their pride is badly mauled and shattered.

If you are a man facing such a demoralizing situation about your lady love, there is a way out. Search for a love psychic and they will demystify your woman and guide you how to make her open up and come around. She will fling open her arms, hug you and   speak out with all her heart what you are dying to her: I love you too!


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