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Real Psychics vs Dream Dictionaries

It is always best to consult a real psychic and not bury yourself with assumptions on what your dreams meant. Dream dictionaries are a good start to have an idea but these are not completely reliable as the meaning of a symbol on one’s dream is different when the same appears on another’s dream.

The meaning of dreams is different from one person to another regardless how same the situation of the dream is. This is because each person has different backgrounds, personality, life dealings, and relationships. There are so many factors that one dreams of a specific something. Like for example two different persons dream of complete darkness. A dream dictionary will tell them this or that as if it meant the same for both as they probably just looked up “darkness”

This is where a psychic ability enters. A dream dictionary is made for the purpose of giving insight but only a psychic can give the more extensive dream interpretation. A psychic will consider your life, your emotions before sleeping, and your recurring thoughts throughout the day. A psychic will ask about everything that happened in your dream. Going back to the example above, a psychic needs what happened before and after the complete darkness. They can tell you the deeper meaning of your dream as they can relate each symbol as it happened and not just its individual interpretation.

It is always best to have a pen and paper ready when you sleep so that you can write at once if a dream becomes very disturbing. Oftentimes, information comes during sleep that is why it is best to not take dreams lightly especially if it becomes disturbing or if you feel that you have become emotionally connected and disturbed. There is no harm in taking dreams as a warning because as always said prevention is better. 


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