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Real psychic readings: what not to expect

One psychic reading can help you transform yourself in a variety of ways. After an authentic and genuine reading, you should feel enlightened and empowered to go on with life despite the ups and downs that you are currently facing. You should be enlivened to to start your life again if you have just experienced a bad breakup or a job layoff or anything that is causing you to feel depressed and upset. You should be able to think clearly and rationally and to be able to make profitable and reasonable decisions in life.


What not to expect during your psychic reading session:


  1. Psychic readers could read exactly what’s on your mind.

Some psychic readers could sense and recognize a manifestation of what might be inside your mind IF they give most of their energy and focus on doing so but if they try to do that all the time with all of they clients then they will easily get tired and drained and it will affect their spiritual and mental condition.


Also, if a psychic reader would do this, he or she should ask permission first as they would not want to be invasive and just dive into the private thoughts of a person.


  1. Psychic readers should know everything – detailed and precise.

Oh, but they do not. They get messages and information about a person but that’s it. Most of the times, they just focus on a particular area wherein the person is currently having an issue with. The information and knowledge that the reader get from the sitter depends on how open the person being read is. They cannot force to enter something that they do not feel welcome at.


  1. All psychic readers are frauds and charlatans.

Well, there might be some fake psychics roaming around but do not generalize and say that “there is no legitimate and authentic psychic at all” because there are and these genuine psychics want nothing more but to help other people with their concerns and problems.


  1. Psychic reader should be able to give a reading WITHOUT asking any questions.

During a reading, psychics should not let you talk and spill all the information, but they should be able to read you and ask for your confirmation if you are currently experiencing the knowledge that they have receive about your or if it true. It’s okay if they ask questions for confirmation but if you feel like they are fishing for information then just leave as the psychic might be a fake.


  1. Psychic readers who charge for money are sketchy and doubtful.

If your point is like this: “It is their gift to be able to “see” so why should they charge money for it?”. Do not forget that we live in a world where it will be hard to survive without money. Psychics are people too, they have bills to pay and they need to eat and buy their necessities. So it is okay to charge for a reading but if it will cost you too much, that is different story.


  1. Psychic readers should be old ladies wearing a shawl over their heads and jewelries all over their bodies who live in dark and scary shacks with a lot of creepy antiques and heirlooms displayed everywhere and a crystal ball or spooky-looking cards that they hold with their long fingers.

You might have grown up seeing this image on psychic readers as you might have seen it in a movie or a television show and although there might be actual readers who look and live like this, most of the contemporary and present-day psychics have offices and uses the technology that we all use in the 21st century. Most of the readers today will look just like you or your friendly neighbor, Anne, and that is okay. They don’t have to look creepy and spine-chilling to be authentic psychics.



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