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Questions to Ask Before Becoming a Psychic

Psychic ability is innate in everyone and if you will concentrate enough then becoming a psychic is not far from reach. There are questions to ask yourself in your path in becoming a psychic.Find a Clairvoyant Mentor

First thing to ask yourself is if you are ready.

Psychic ability should not be taken lightly and so if you really want to become a psychic then you must first ask how prepared you are. Becoming a psychic is not an overnight thing so make sure you can allot a time every day for meditation until you awake your psychic ability.

Second thing to ask is if you can find a mentor.

Every student needs a teacher. To become a psychic you need someone that will guide you through the journey. A mentor can help you in making your path a lot easier because he will be able to direct you to what matters most.

Third thing to ask yourself is if you really want it.

You may have answered this a hundred times but you should ask again. As abovementioned, psychic ability is not simple so you should make sure that you really want it because this is the only thing that can make you hold on amidst the challenges.

Fourth thing to ask is what scares you.

If you fear spirits and other entities then this is not the job for you. Psychic ability can make you see, feel, and hear things and entities that the ordinary cannot. Make sure that you are okay in being called crazy among other things.
Becoming a psychic is not easy. If you feel that psychic ability is the way to live a better life then you are wrong. Being a psychic means being responsible for all the things that you will say and for all the things you will do that can affect many.



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