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Psychics: Legitimate or Fake?

A psychic is basically a person who claims to have the extrasensory perception that allows them to have abilities such as clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, clairgustance and telepathy. Psychics are known to have gifts that could foretell the future and see the past and present situation and events.


Psychics are great advisors and counselors as they could give their clients the insight and understanding that one needs in order to help themselves cope up with life, move on from the pain and problems and to live life with a clear and peaceful mind. They could guide their clients into choosing a better path in life that could bring them more happiness and success in the future.


So if you will actually study the psychic industry today, then you might be shocked as there are quite a lot of people who claim to be psychic and that they have special abilities that not everyone has. Some of them could be genuine and real but most ‘psychics’ especially those who advertise themselves as 100% accurate. Keep in mind that there is no such thing as a 100% accurate psychic reading as things from the future could change depending on a person’s decisions and choices in life. So do not let yourself be caught by such lies and fake marketing.


So how will you know if a psychic is fake or legitimate?


First off, psychics could be fake if they ask too much information from you. For example, most online psychics might ask for your age, the country you are residing in and your birthday, just so they can think or make up of something suitable for your age range based on where you live and you star sign. Fake psychics could easily just make up things to feed you and your innocence so better not entertain such questions during the session. Besides, during a psychic reading, a legitimate psychic will be the one to start the talking and continue the consultation. He or she will be compelled and obliged to talk for the whole duration of the reading.


Secondly, fake psychics will make impossible promises to you. For example, the fake psychic will state that he or she can bring back a loved one who just passed away with a spell that might actually just cost you a few extra dollars for him or her to cast it. When you encounter such people, walk away as they might just be trying to rip you off. Legitimate psychics would never say something that they could not do or carry out as feasible. They will let you know if what you wish is attainable or not.


Thirdly, try to ask questions that only you know the answer to in the beginning of a reading. If the psychic seems to be annoyed by it and tries to dismiss your questioning then most likely that person is a fraud. Legitimate psychics do not mind being asked by questions especially if that is the client’s way to feel comfortable and conclude the psychics honesty, trustworthiness and authenticity.


Lastly, if you are attending a face-to-face reading with a psychic, try to dress simply and casually. Fake psychics will make up things based on your physical appearance, the way you dress, the way you talk and the way you move. Legitimate psychics do not need to see you or how you walk and talk to give you a satisfying and convincing reading.

You will know when a psychic is fake as your gut feeling might probably be telling you about it. Just follow it if you felt it once you enter the room or start the phone reading. Also, do not let yourself be reeled in by fake advertisements and sugar-coated words. Fake psychics love gullible customers and they will take advantage of it. Be alert and just make sure you are speaking with the right person. Charlatans will only cost you a lot of money, time and effort.


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