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Psychics detectives and crime

Psychic detectives are the experts who trace the murderous criminals or perpetrators of any unlawful activity. They do so by using their paranormal abilities or extra sensory perceptions such as intuition, third eye, sixth sense, clairvoyance, clairaudience or clairsentience. Psychic detectives may also go into trance and seek the directions of their spirit guides. They may also use tarot cards or crystal balls to trace the leads to the perpetrators of crime.

The psychic detectives may remain in a state of trance without actually appearing to be so. They may be connected with the divine or the spiritual energy while consciously participating in the day to day activities. The psychic detectives quite often recreate the scene of criminal action, see the victim being murdered or any other crime being committed. They may also pick up a vital piece of information which is likely to provide clue to the crime. The piece may ignite their imagination or the psychic energies to come to grips with the facts.

The name of psychic detective Noreen Renier needs no introduction in the area of crime detection. She delivered lectures at the FBI Academy in Quantico, Virginia in 1981 and since then she has worked on over 400 intractable cases of crime at the city, county and state levels. She has helped the law enforcement agencies in almost all the states of the US and several foreign countries.

Several top officers of the investigation agencies are on record to have lauded her psychic crime detection expertise. According to R. Krolak (Retired Lt. Commander), Noreen appeared to have known about the crime before hand and she presented the crime details with chilling accuracy.

Another psychic detective Annette Martin has been featured recently on "Court TV- Psychic Detectives", "The Nancy Grace Show" and "Coast to Coast Radio Show." She has worked with over 50 different law enforcement agencies including the FBI. She can locate missing property, serial homicide and thoroughbred horses. She has also worked with the fire departments in tracing cases of arson.

There are several other instances of the psychic detectives working with the investigative agencies and have helped them solve cases where the ace sleuths raised their hands up in frustration.


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