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Psychics and Their Different Abilities

The word psychic is related to mind or spirit. Human spirit is an immensely powerful entity capable of moving the mountains. It can manifest its power through countless forms or abilities depending upon the situation. Psychics use numerous tools such as crystals, gems, stones, tarots, numbers, figures and graphics to help their clients, but the prime moving force that taps these tools remains the same—the spiritual or psychic power.


Not all the psychics have all the abilities. It is like specialist doctors and scientists. Most psychics have special abilities according to their background.


For example, some psychics inherit their psychic abilities such as clairvoyance, intuition and clairaudience from their parents especially mothers and grandmothers. Some have astrology as their forte while others specialize in the use of tarot cards, crystals, gems and stones. There are still others who are very sensitive psychic mediums and channels. They communicate with spirits, angels and arch angels.


Since the basic source of all these abilities remains the same, therefore, some of these abilities are almost identical in nature and their impact. They, therefore, tend to overlap each other. For example, intuition, hunch, third eye, clairvoyance and clairaudience work upon the same basic ability.


Originally most psychics across the world used primarily their intuition, clairvoyance and mediumship in predicting the future. They also looked upon the elements of nature like sun and moon for guidance.


With the passage of time the psychics improved upon the existing abilities. Some further specialized and branched out. For example, dreams were a great source of predicting the future in the ancient times. Dream interpretation was widely prevalent among the soothsayers. Now the dream interpretation has branched out into dream programming and dream telepathy. Similarly telekinesis has been further diversified into bio-kinesis and chronokinesis.


New psychic abilities and tools have been evolved and they have earned scientific acceptance and rationalization. For example, telepathy is no more considered a ruse or a crafty stratagem used by charlatans and quacks to fool the people. US Army is believed to have spent huge amounts of money in studying telepathy as a tool of secret communication.


Belief in past life and karma is being scientifically investigated. While we formerly had astrology, now we have karmic astrology.  Similarly we have horoscope and love horoscope.


Globalization, internet and electronic telecommunication have further added to the diversification and multiplication of psychic powers.


Some of the abilities and techniques that psychics have are intuition, clairvoyance, clairaudience, psycho-kinesis, empathy, telepathy, remote viewing, astral projection, psychokinesis, telekinesis, chronokinesis, biokinesis, dream telepathy, dream interpretation, dream programming, crystals, gemstone, psychic seduction, ,astral plane communication, psychometry, channeling, mediumship, automatic writing, automatic drawing, Ouija Board, Yi Jing,remote influencing, pendulum divination, angels divination, huna, huna manifesting, huna fire walking, chaos magic, sigil magic, Psionics, banishing ritual, pentagram spell, psychic healing, pranic healing, psychic breathing, self defense, materialization, sun gazing, transcommunication, teleportation and Radionics.


Since psychic abilities are being scientifically tested and accepted, therefore psychic abilities are creating newer offshoots and specializations like academic subjects.


We have developed new psychic abilities that have special relevance to the mind and body of not only human beings but animals as well especially pets like dogs, cats and horses.


The psychic abilities have acquired scientific stance and orientation. We have psychic abilities that target the human mind and the body. Some of these abilities are DNA-activation, gene synthesis, chakra system, chakra aura, chakra charging, human aura, Mozart effect, Tomatis Effect , the brain, brain waves, visualization, subliminal, memory tips, photo reading, intuition testing, past life regression and so on.

Psychics like every other area of human knowledge cannot be segregated from the times. It is making inroads into the realm of practical science and in turn is acquiring scientific orientation.


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