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Psychic warrior

Psychics are people who have an extrasensory perception and other special abilities that allow them to dive into the world of paranormal entities and spiritual beings. Here are some other terms that could also refer to a psychic; seers, prophets, sibyls, oracles, clairvoyants, mediums and many more. Psychic powers are the abilities that have been developed and nurtured by psychics. Some abilities are in-born and but other psychics studied about psychic powers and developed it as an ability of their own.

Today, there are a lot of great TV series’, cartoons, animes and even video games that includes characters with psychic abilities and references. These character references were generated and formulated to play and perform with the capabilities of a psychic to help create a better story line and make an interesting plot for the show or video game.

In paranormal movies, there would always be a person who plays the role of a psychic and he or she can foresee the future or communicate with the dead. Usually, the psychic characters in a movie are only supporting characters and the viewers would expect them to help the main character in conquering her paranormal experiences and understand their fears. The same concept goes with a lot of cartoon shows and anime series’ nowadays. Just to familiarize you, Anime is a term that originated in Japan that refers to their specific anime style that includes spontaneous and dynamic characters, compelling and fascinating themes and fine and high quality graphics. It is basically a shortened term for Japanese animation.

There are also known psychic characters in popular video or computer games such as Dungeons and Dragons. This is a fantasy role-playing war game that allows you to choose over various heroes with different abilities, statistics and back stories. Playing this game is a great way to experience and enjoy different worlds of heroic fantasy and simulation. It allows you to take on and finish quests to earn gold and battle lethal enemies with your chosen character.

One of the game’s most renowned characters would be the Psychic Warrior. The psychic warrior possesses the abilities of soldierly and psionic powers which allows the character to participate in a physical combat yet he has a secured psychic power which he can use once he is all drained out. If a person can use a psychic warrior with good strategy and forethought in a game, it would be a precious and an upscale addition to any party.

Assets of a psychic warrior:

  1. Great weapon choices

This allows you to choose any weapon, simple or martial weapons, and you have a choice to use psionic weapons that comes with being a psychic warrior.


  1. Good armor classification

This allows you to wear any kind of armor and match it up with any kind of shield which can give the character a magnificent and striking armor class.


  1. Psionic powers

Psionic powers allow you to move freely at the right spot and discompose and irritate the enemy. Your psionic power gradually adds up while leveling up.


  1. Good fortitude saves

This allows you to resist the effects of the attacks on your character.

Weaknesses of a psychic warrior:

This is just one example of a psychic warrior in a video or computer game. There are many other popular games that might include psychics in their roster for heroes. They might just call it differently; for example, in Mobile Legends, a MOBA game for your phone, they call it Mages/Healers. You just have to be aware of other terms that psychic character could be called.



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