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Psychic VS Medium

Psychics are known to be very sensitive to everything that surrounds them. They are given a special gift that allows them to determine, deconstruct and contrive energetic radiations from people, place, and different objects that surrounds them. Psychics can gather information of a certain person’s past, present and future with the use of their minds.

These gifted people may amount from different spiritual courses or different religious beliefs, and may have differences in method, techniques, and approaches that they practice.

A few known beliefs that are related to being a psychic are:

1. Anyone can be psychics – and that it can be activated, as long as you let yourself be active enough with the studying various techniques, methods and practices such as meditation.

2. Psychic ability is hereditary – and it is believed that a psychic parent can pass their abilities and gifts to their children.

Clairvoyants, these are the people with the “third eye” and they can tell you about your future, your aura and your vibration. They can read you and your natural force; what lies beneath and what is there to come. Some of the blessed clairvoyants can see and read a person upon seeing them for the first time; they can sense physical, mental and spiritual vibrations.

Clairvoyants have the power to reveal hidden secrets and therefore, they can tell whether or not someone is deceptive, untrustworthy and dishonest. They help other people who come to them by looking into their pasts and discerning into their futures and provide them with a healthy advice to move on with life and have the chance for better growth and development.

1. Clairsentience meaning clear sensing; the ability to sense the past, the future, the physical and the emotional state of a person without exploiting the five main senses.

2. Clairaudience meaning clear hearing; the ability to hear sounds and voices of spirits, internally and externally, that no other ordinary individual can hear.

3. Clairolfactus meaning clear smelling; the ability to access spiritual information through the sense of smell.

4. Claircognizance meaning clear knowing. This means that these extraordinary people can cultivate spiritual knowledge, not knowing the reason behind it.

5. Clairgustance meaning clear tasting. This allows the possessor to gather essential substance from the spiritual forces through the heightened sense of taste.

Both psychic and clairvoyants may help you accessing your inner peace and answering the questions stuck in your head. They just differ with the methods used and how they acquire such information spiritually.

Why should you try a psychic reading or clairvoyant reading?

If somehow you keep finding yourself lost in thought about a recurring dream or having a bizarre visual of something then you must consider a reading. A psychic and clairvoyant may both give you the answer that you are looking for regarding relationship issues, health problems, family matters, career guidance, and deceased loved ones or even about an event that is yet to come or something that bothers you

Mediums are known to have the ability of seeing, talking, and communicating with the dead. They serve as the bridge of one person to another deceased person in the other dimension to be able to transfer and conduct information, relay messages to discover secrets or truths about the deceased.

Mediums have a special gift of elevated sense of sight and they can see souls clearly. Given this gift, they can help the deceased to be at peace when it is being troubled and cannot pass through the afterlife. The gift of the mediums are given to them since their births, therefore they have no discretion but to see the dead spirits on a daily basis.



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