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Unicorns are best believed to be astounding and breathtaking creatures, they are more like dragons, mermaids, fairies, werewolves, pegasus’, ghouls, pixies, sea serpents, hippocampus’ and other amazing mythical creatures that no one has ever seen with the their naked eye just yet. People believe that unicorns existed long ago and that they were one of the first animals identified by Adam.

A lot of stories, legends and myths have been written about these peculiar and magnificent creatures and they portrayed as majestic, pure, moral and righteous animals. It is believed that unicorns existed during the period of the prehistoric city of Atlantis, and that they were animals who play an active part to the city. This was a renowned time when a lot of people are open to having psychic abilities who claim to have their own unicorns and they could physically and spiritually communicate with them.

The most eminent and distinguished feature of a unicorn is their horn, in between and just above their eyes at the middle of their foreheads. This feature is what makes them dissimilar from horses. It is believed that their horns serve as their third eye that radiates elegant and divine vibrations outwards. Their horns are also believed to protect themselves from evil and other wicked supernatural beings. it also holds mystical and extraordinary healing powers and it flashes pure, divine light.

Back in those times, people hunt unicorns for their horns as this is what makes them magical and mysterious. So what they did as to not to become extinct and vanish in this world, they chose to live in a different realm or a different plane of existence. Other people think that unicorns left our world because the energy and vibration here in our planet was becoming too heavy and opaque which was also the reason why Atlantis fell.

According to a popular psychic named Diana Cooper, she believes that unicorns traveled and stayed in the 7th dimension, along with the angels and other magical creatures. They created their own hierarchy and are now living in peace.

Long ago, people believe that one of the roles of a unicorn is to guide humankind to a path of truth, inspiration, enlightenment and understanding. They assist you in bringing your life forward full of hope, lavishness and contentment that every man in this world yearns and longs for.

Actually some people today still believe that unicorns can still be call upon and summoned, just like how we think fairies, angels and pixies can show themselves to us. Unicorns are glad to aid children or anyone who has a heart as pure as driven snow and a good and vigorous intention towards other people. Unicorns love compassionate, warm, understanding and sensitive people. It is believed that unicorns will help you revive your lively, young self to enjoy life much further. When unicorns connect and communicate with you they would let you feel their energy and leave you with pure, white light. If angels leave their feathers behind to show proof that they reached out to you then unicorns also do that as well.

So if you feel like calling on to or communicating with a unicorn then you have to unbolt your consciousness and understanding and expect a heavenly and beatific sign in the images of a unicorn or a white feather that got left behind.


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