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Psychic Twins

It is believed that identical twins are physically similar to each other and they are also alike in so many ways, like they both love to do the same thing or they both like to eat the same food and they are also somehow psychically connected to one another. A lot of studies had been done by researchers and they say that most of the twins can tell how the other one is feeling and if the other twin is in danger even though they are miles apart. Twins have a special connection that most people do not have with their siblings. People believe that twins have telepathic abilities towards each other and it is one of the strongest psychic capability and competence in our world.

Telepathy is the ability to transfer or share ideas, thoughts and opinions from one person’s mind to another person without using actual words that come out of the mouth or gestures. ‘Agent’ is the uncommon term for the person who is sending out the thoughts and ideas and ‘Percipient’ is what we call the receiver of the information.

We all know that since the beginning of their lives, that twins share a lot of things. They grew up in the same home, they play, learn and study together, they probably have the same group of friends whom they bond with, and they do other normal things mostly together compared to other individuals who grew up alone. This gives them a large possibility of having a psychic connection. The studies that have been made could give out testimonies and proof that twins are really interconnected, for example, if one of the twins got into a fight in school and acquired cuts and bruises all over his body then the other twin who wasn’t involved in the fight would most probably feel sore and aching all over his body like he is also included at the fight where his twin was involved.

And have you heard of some cases where twins get separated at birth and still, they are able to find a way to somehow see and meet each other like it was destined that they should know each other? Yes, it happens, not all the time but it happens. That is one proof that twins are psychically connected to one another. Amazing, isn’t it?

On a research that we made, there was a funny case where a mother of twins was going to fetch her son, the other twin Gabriel, from their grandmother’s house. She was with the other twin named Ethan, and while driving, Ethan just randomly blurted out the words, ‘’Gabriel, wear your clothes’’. When the mother called their grandmother, she told her that they were having trouble putting clothes on Gabriel. That’s what you call fascinating and enthralling, if you don’t think so, then I don’t know what to call it anymore.

A suitable and an appropriate explanation to this interesting connection is actually based on genetics. Twins are said to be from one fertilized egg that splits into two and was born as two different human beings who happen to be identical and similar intellectually, physically and somehow mentally. Twins can have the same likes and dislikes, probably because they have the same way of how they think and the same cogitation pattern. So with this study, it means that twins are originally a part of each other, though most scientists would not call their connection as telepathic or psychic connection because they do not believe in the spiritual realm. They would most likely say that twins are meant to be alike in the first place, considering also the fact that live in one house, enjoying the same environment or neighborhood, appreciating on family and that they come from one set of parents, so the ‘psychic connection’ must just be coincidental.



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