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Psychic TV Shows: Are They For Real?

If you've recently scanned all the TV channels today, both local and cable, you probably noticed a number of shows promoting psychic services like fortune telling, Tarot card reading, mediumship, clairvoyance and more.  But, how are you supposed to know if these psychic TV shows are real, or hoaxes?

Why Are Psychic TV Shows Popular?

While the Psychic Network has already  long folded up in the US, a new breed of paranormal television shows are quickly gaining popularity.  This indicates a heightened awareness among the public towards shows which feature spiritualism and the occult.   Mainstream television now have also embraced the entry of TV programmes which devote to paranormal and other-worldly topics.  One TV show in the US, hosted by noted psychic and author George Anderson, has already attracted more than 10 million viewers.  But  regardless whether psychic TV shows are for real or not, they certainly feed on the public's appetite for the supernatural and out-of-this world. So don't be surprised if you see popular TV personalities like Oprah and Larry King engaging in lively discussions with Tarot card readers, mediums, clairvoyants and other psychics.

Are Psychic Television Shows For Entertainment Only?

Many of us who have watched a TV psychic show, may have wondered if the psychic, or the paranormal activity that was shown, is real, or a plain hoax done for entertainment purposes only.  One psychic television show that's currently popular is United Kingdom's Psychic TV. In one episode, people who claimed they had psychic abilities were grouped together, and pitted against each other, in a competition format, to fully determine if they were really gifted with paranormal abilities.  The good thing about this TV show was that the production crew and the show's directors made every effort to be transparent.  They filmed how each psychic was picked up in the early hours of the morning, and they were taken to the basement of the studio, were they were each assigned their own guards and assistants.  Several prominent members of the British press were also present in the studio, to ensure, as well as attest to the show's “fair play”, as well as to guarantee that there were no camera tricks and other cheating methods employed.. 

And while no concrete evidence has been shown to validate the powers of a psychic,  many people continue to flock to them for predictions, readings and other timely advice.  The rising popularity of psychic TV programs has also indicated that more people are showing greater interest in anything related to the supernatural and paranormal.  And because psychic readings or demonstrations, whether done in a living room, carnival booth or a TV studio, is not scientifically controlled, the viewer is required to conduct further research on his/her favorite psychic TV program, so that they'll safely determine if the show's producers are transparent in disclosing all program information, and whether the psychics hosting the show are reputable and legitimate.   


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