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Psychic Training

All human beings possess psychic faculties such as intuition, telepathy, psychometry or extrasensory perception to some degree. This faculty is pretty much active during the childhood days of innocence and proximity to the divine and nature when the ego has not developed and the restrictive regime of the society and artificial and unnatural ways of thinking and living have not taken hold of the child’s mind.

The fact that the children have more powerful psychic abilities is shown from the fact that there have been many cases when children have been able to reveal their past lives. Some well-known psychics trace their psychic abilities to their childhood days. Animals and insects can sense the impending natural disasters due primarily to their proximity to nature, and innocence—lack of artificial human intelligence and absence of ego.

Psychic training usually takes the form of some yogic, mental and physical exercises such as meditation, concentration, and visualization and so on which play a significant role in developing psychic abilities. It must be noted that the objective of these exercises is to remove the thick layer of useless, egoistic and negative thoughts and feelings which make the mind obtuse, insensitive and unreceptive to the natural flow of vibrations of truth and divine energy.

The true psychic training involves sensitizing the mind so as to attune it like a radio receiver to the waves of divine truth and ultimate knowledge that are omnipresent around us. True psychic training goes beyond sensitizing the mind or the spirit. It sensitizes even the physical organs like eyes, ears, nose, the tips of fingers and toes. Clairvoyance, clairaudience and clairsentience basically mean clear seeing, clear hearing and clear sensing or feeling. Obviously these faculties are associated with five physical organs such as eyes, ears and hands etc. Unnatural living not only affects the mind or the spirit but it affects the physical senses also. Psychic training inculcates the knowledge of tools such as palmistry, astrology, tarot cards, crystals, numerology and so on. The knowledge of these tools is not an end in itself. They help the psychic to focus and concentrate and finally log on to the reality. They are only the means to divine the truth, provide the guidance and resolve the problems.


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