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Psychic: The Basics

It is rather hard to explain where and how psychics are able to do what they do.  Probably they just had some luck in receiving genetic information from their parents that is why they have massive sense of intuition.  Ordinary people also have this sense of intuition but it is not really that much developed.  Women are of course, naturally, more intuitive than men.  The feelings they derive from their intuitions tell them whether the man that they are with is cheating on them.  And most of the time, this feeling, instinct, or gut sensation is correct.

If you are really interested in how to psychic read today, it is never too late.  There are activities you can do to enhance your innate intuitive powers.  Most of these activities are quite easy to do and one can do it anywhere, even in public places.

The first exercise on how to psychic read is known as perimeter.  What you do is you create an imaginary force field around yourself.  Then you focus your energy on this.  It has to be about 10 to 20 inches around you.  You then settle on a location that you want, shut your eyes and then pay attention to other forms of energy that enter your circle.  When you notice another energy entering, open your eyes and see if your intuition is correct.  After some time if you have practiced doing it, you can extend your energy circle make it wider and more challenging.  This is not applicable if you are driving though since you need to close your eyes and that would be very dangerous.  It can be done while you are in the park, in a train station, bus stop, outdoor café, and many more.

The second exercise on how to psychic read is very simple.  The objective of this game is to attract events for them to occur in your life.  You would have to concentrate on something and will it to happen.  You need to select something particular.  It could be anything like a simple word, a topic, event, or person.  It could be something as simple as “apples” or as complicated as “Elvis Presley”.  You might even select a song from long time ago that is now rarely played on the radio.  You can even formulate commands like “Bring me lots of apples.”  You only need to spare a few minutes for this each day.  Then after you have decided on what you want, try to see if it has entered into your life.  The word, event, person, or song you selected might appear in what you are reading, you might see it in a magazine or you might hear another person say it.  It might even come out in the movie you are watching.  What’s important is that you remain open to whatever possibilities there are.

These are just some simple how to psychic methods.  It aims to exercise your intuition and mind power.  Once you master these, you can proceed to even more complex exercises in the future.


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