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Psychic Sources

The term ‘psychic source’ can be explained in two ways. One way to understand the psychic source is from the psychic’s perspective. Here the word ‘source’ may refer to the spring head from where the psychic predictions originate. This is the source that the psychic taps to find out the truth to assist his client-seekers. A Psychic source may be benign spirits or angels with which the psychic communicates naturally or by going into trance. The other sources are the psychic gifts such as his/her intuition, clairvoyance telepathy, third eye or the sixth sense. A psychic also makes use of his/her tools such as tarot cards, crystal balls, astrology, palmistry and so on to make predictions.

The second way to understand the meaning of ‘psychic source’ is from the point of view of the clients. For them, the psychic source may be the psychic himself or his website. If you, as a client, are in search of a true psychic source, the best way is to consult some of your friends who may have already received the services that source. Their experience, being first hand, is likely to be more direct and trustworthy.

Yet another way is to search the web, study a number of websites of the psychics, make comparisons and settle down for one who appears best. You may check the popularity of website by referring to its rating from Alexa, or its positioning on the first page of the search engine such as google or the Yahoo directory that you are using.

Usually the website contains a panel of psychics who use different psychic tools to provide guidance such as numerology, tarot cards, palmistry, astrology and so on. The website of a reliable psychic source may also devote some space to explain the psychic issues, tools and terms so as to educate the visitors to take an informed decision. You may also find the telephone numbers of their clients. It is a good idea to contact them at random and find further information about the authenticity of the psychic source. 


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