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Psychic Source is a renowned and well-respected psychic service in the United States of America. It started in 1989 and they have been in service and operational for almost 25 years. They hire amazing and talented psychics and the company’s dedication to provide good customer service and quality reading is exemplary and impeccable. Psychic Source is considered to be one of the largest psychic reading companies that ever existed, with over 100 psychics working for them. This advantage gives them the chance and likelihood to gather and attract lots of clients from all over the world.

Their reading can be availed in two terms; One, you can call their helpdesk, choose a psychic and avail the reading once you are connected. Two, you can have the reading via an online chat with the psychic. They claim to deliver high quality results as to whether or not you’ll have a chat on the phone or a chat online. Their rate per minute is $1 but you have to pay for a package that costs $30 to avail a reading. You’ll have a lot of psychics to choose from. If you feel like you don’t know who to pick because you aren’t familiar with the psychics available, you can call their helpdesk and ask for assistance as to which who would be best for you.

There are also quite a few other psychic lines that you can contact and have a reading with. Each has its own way to attract clients and they differ in rates per reading. Online psychic reading are getting quite popular these days as people find it more convenient than having to drive to have a face to face reading with a psychic.

A psychic reading is a way of receiving and gathering information and knowledge by using and accessing the extrasensory perception and a psychic’s extraordinary abilities. Psychic readings allow the person to be informed and advised on what he or she may do or not do upon forwarding and continuing his or her life ahead. It can give clarity and understanding as to why things are happening to a person and it could provide a clear mind and a healthy state of mind.

Why would you want to avail an online psychic reading? Here are the benefits of an online reading that may interest you and convince you to pay and try a reading through your phone line;

  1. Safer and prevents fraudulent cases

We all know that there are fake psychics who cheat their way around a reading, especially when you’re having a face-to-face reading as they can see your body language and your facial reactions. Fake psychics will take advantage of these information and they will try to give their reading based on your reactions. Not only that, they can get clues on what to tell you based on how you dress, if you are wearing a wedding ring, how old you are and the car or transportation that you used in going there.


  1. Could provide more options for you

Yes, it would be easier for you to pick a psychic whom you want to have a reading with as you will just call the helpdesk, ask for instructions, pay via your credit details and then get connected to the best psychic that they have. You can ask for recommendations to be sure that you have a psychic connection with one of their psychics.


  1. More comfortable

Let’s face it, it’s really hard to open up to someone whom you don’t know and ask personal and private questions. Psychic readings through phone lines would make you feel comfortable in opening up and asking questions away as you aren’t in a face-to-face session with a person whom you barely know.


  1. You can challenge the ability of the psychic at hand

The psychic couldn’t see you and doesn’t know what you look like, how you are dressed and what you are wearing, she wouldn’t be able to just ‘guess away’ with a phone reading. She should really be gifted with amazing psychic abilities to be able to give accurate and precise readings.


  1. Easier and more convenient

To get a reading, all you need to do is to book and pay for a psychic and get connected. It’s very easy and convenient as you can do that anywhere and anytime without worrying about whether or not you have already washed up. You also need not to travel and drive for a few minutes just for a reading as it is just a phone call away.



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