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Psychic Skills Development Tips For Beginners

According to veteran psychics, each one of us is born with some degree of psychic ability. Some are blessed with having the power to look into the future, while others are blessed with having the power to communicate with spirits, and even the souls of the departed. However, the problem is that only a small of fraction are able to go deeper into their subconscious, and tap into their intuition or sixth sense. Most often either do not have any intention of developing their psychic skills, while some simply disregard it. Below are a number of truly useful tips on how to develop your budding psychic abilities.


Assess Your Abilities

The first task towards developing and enhancing your budding psychic abilities, is by first identifying what they are, and finding out what major step to do next.  Do you have signs of clairvoyance, or clairsentience (“clear feeling”)? do you feel that you’d be better of performing tarot card readings or  runes? Or do you show the early signs of mediumship? Another way to properly assess your  paranormal abilities is by talking to veteran psychics in your area, or through attending psychic development classes at the local spiritual or metaphysical book store. You can also get books and magazines on psychic phenomena, as well as buy tarot cards and practice dealing, and analyzing them at home.


Meditate, And “Ground” Your Energy Field

After identifying and assessing your budding psychic skills, it’s now time to enhance your intuition and/or subconscious, by meditating and clearing your mind of any noises or unwanted distractions. You can do this by setting up a room at home to serve as your meditation area.  In this room (which should be cool, and far from outside noises), sit, or comfortably squat on the floor, close your eyes, and let your thoughts run freely. You can also close your eyes, and imagine your feet reaching deeper into the ground, just like it were tree roots. Feel the earth’s energy rising from your feet to your head, and rising above to the sky. 


Practice with Friends, Or In A Mediumship Circle

 After constantly meditating, and learning to clear your mind, as well as grounding your energy, you can now begin practicing or honing your psychic abilities by joining a group of like-minded individuals, or joining a mediumship circle. However, when practicing, make sure that you do not hurt your client’s sensibilities, and not ask too many questions (which are unrelated to the subject), and learn to be kind and compassionate to the needs, and sensibilities of other people.

And once you’ve finally developed your psychic abilities, always remember that you should only use these for the betterment of humanity, and not for any self-serving interests. You should not also use you psychic skills to mess up with other people’s lives (or instill fear in others). A good psychic must also learn to value, and uphold the truth, as well as remain caring and compassionate in practicing your craft. 



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