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Psychic Senses

Psychic Senses


What are psychic senses?


There are five basic psychic senses, these are: clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, claircognizance and clairempathy. These five psychic senses assists and guides us through life on an intuitive and instinctive level. It is believed that most, if not all, of us have psychic senses or abilities, but it just varies on the degree and intensity. Some of us have more intense, vehement and profound psychic abilities than most of the people that has it.


In grade school, we were all taught about the importance of the five basic human senses, which are: the sense of sight, the sense of smell, the sense of hearing, the sense of taste and the sense of touch. But there are additional senses that are not really aware that we are using on a daily basis, these are the psychic senses. These senses introduce and inculcate susceptibility, vulnerability and the understanding of a certain situation or event of a person. Precisely, the senses allow us to see images, use our imagination, sense if someone is lying to your face or just having a gut feeling that something is about to happen. These things are being acquired and gathered by reading the aura or vibration of a certain person, place or thing, or just perceiving it through the mind.


These psychic senses are most commonly known as extrasensory perception, the famous ESP, or the sixth sense. Here is a list of psychic senses and their definition:



Clairvoyance literally means clear vision. This ability enables the bearer to outstretch and extend into another vibrational recurrence or prevalence and visually discern, recognize and identify the things, feelings, supernatural beings, or certain information and knowledge in that realm. Clairvoyants are people who see and perceives within their mind’s eye. They have an inner sight that helps and assists them in understanding and comprehending the images or symbols that they see but without the help of the physical eyes and things that exceed or are greater than the restrictions and control of the customary and normal time and space.



Clairaudience literally means clear hearing. This ability allows the user to recognize and comprehend words, sounds, voices and unusual noises using the inner ear, meaning to hear using the mind, without making use of the physical ears. The sounds, voices and noises should come from spiritual, non-material and intangible sources for a clairaudient to perceive it. It is usually easier to hear such tones and vibrations when the clairaudient is meditating and contemplating. Information and knowledge regarding the past, the present and the future can be heard if by clairaudients if they focus and concentrate long enough to the things that they want to hear in their minds.



Clairsentience literally means clear sensing or feeling. Clairsentients gather, accumulate and comprehend certain knowledge and information about a person, place or thing by “feeling” certain sensation within the body, without another separate stimulants or impulses connected and associated to the feeling or information being perceived.



Claircognizance literally means clear knowing. This is the psychic ability where you just kind of know a certain knowledge or information about a certain person, place or thing without hearing, seeing or feeling it. It is like an instant information that pops right in your head and you have no idea where it came from. Claircognizants have persistent ideas and unyielding thought regarding various things, and they also know when someone is lying to them even if they do not have physical proof and evidence.



Clairempathy literally means clear emotion. People who has this ability are called empaths and they have the capability to adjust and attune to the emotions around them, be it a person’s or an animal’s.



Clairtangency literally means clear touching. There is another term for this and it is known as psychometry. This ability allows the bearer to gather and understand certain knowledge and information about a certain person, place or thing by touching it or them. They are able to perceive the story of the past of the person, place or thing that they do not know before hey touched it.



Clairsalience literally means clear smelling. This ability allows the user to smell certain odors, fragrances, scents and aromas that is not within the vicinity or the current location of the clairsentient. They do not use the ordinary physical nose to whiff off the scent that exceed or are greater than the restrictions and control of the customary and normal time and space, but they use their minds to do so.



Clairgustance literally means clear tasting. This ability allows the bearer to taste something even without putting anything nor any food inside the mouth.



Channel is basically a person who permits and authorizes his or her mind and body to be manipulated and used as a tool or an apparatus of the spirits or lost souls to convey or relay a message, knowledge or information from the incorporeal world into our physical world. This is also an ability to pass on healing energy from one person to another.



Channeling is allowing the knowledge and information from the incorporeal realm to invade and set foot into the channel’s mind and produce, impact and influence thoughts, ideas, beliefs, impressions and notions upon his or her consciousness or awareness to loudly be spoken and discussed. This is used to deliver important and certain information and knowledge to the living.


These psychic senses can be used in various psychic abilities and talents such as astral projection, aura reading, automatic writing, divination, energy manipulation, levitation, mediumship, precognition, psychic surgery, psychokinesis, psychometry, scrying, telepathy and a lot more. It depends which psychic sense is available for you. If you are aware that you have enhanced psychic senses, then go and practice more in order to strengthen and intensify it more so you could use it to help other people. Psychics are usually good in solving crimes and extracting information from the relatives who have passed away.


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