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Psychic Realm

Psychics have their own realm, which is altogether unique and different from the day to day world of visible, explainable, intelligible logic and realities of life. Psychics’ realm consists of powerful inspiration, insightful intuition and clairvoyance with which they see the subtle visions, sense the strange situations and hear the silent sounds. Their realm is populated with ethereal entities, spirits and ghosts of the dead, the angels and archangels who are their twenty four hour companions, friends and guides. They chat and communicate with them, seek their guidance and intervention at critical moments. Their realm is surrounded and charged with waves and vibrations of divine energies which they plug and unplug to tap as often as the needs arise to provide positive and clear direction to their clients and seekers of the truth. With the help of these spiritual resources, the psychics materialize and dematerialize the circumstances, establish the truth and destroy the falsehoods. They shape and reshape the events and visions through their psychokinetic will power. Whatever tools the psychics employ such as tarot cards, astrology, numerology, palmistry, dream interpretation, communication with spirits, telepathy and so on are inspired and energized by these divine and spiritual resources that exist in their psychic realm.

There is another realm that resides within every human being, but it is the psychics who cultivate and develop it. It is the realm of inner resources such as the chakras, vortexes or centers of spiritual energy. These dormant sources can be reawakened and energized through meditation, visualization, praanayam, or breathing exercises, concentration and other techniques. These chakras when activated, open up new and unprecedented realms of knowledge and awareness about the real human potential, tremendous spiritual power, bliss and energy. These resources of the inner realm open up the third eye in the center of the psychics’ forehead and endow them with the proverbial sixth sense to divine the future course of events.

The psychics’ can utilize these energy resources of their  inner realm for positively guiding their  clients and resolving their day to day intricate problems involving business, relationships, litigation, marriage, divorce, estate, healthcare and so on.


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