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Psychic Readings: Horoscopes and Numerology

Psychic readings provide a deep insight into your psyche—spirit, soul, mind, thoughts, emotions and sentiments, which are the fountain head of the traits of your nature and personality and the actions or the karmas that flow out of it. They also reveal the consequences of the actions that shape your future or destiny.

Psychic readings are thus an invaluable resource for life changing knowledge. If you think that you know yourself better than anyone else knowing you, you may be sadly mistaken. Just get in touch with a psychic and ask for a psychic reading. You will know the difference. You can even ask for a free sample if you are wary of spending money.

Psychic reading will dig out a veritable goldmine of new knowledge from within you that will simply blow you away. It will unravel new facts about various facets of your personality that you could never have dreamt of.

All you may need to tell the psychic is your name, date and place of birth.  There are two types of psychics who use this information to provide readings. They are astrologers, also called horoscope readers and the others are called numerologists.

Horoscope readings

Astrologers draw a natal chart, another word for horoscope. It is called natal chart because it uses the date and time of your birth to find out your zodiac sign and the star or the planet that governs it.

Astrologers believe that a star or a planet is always in ascendance in the east whenever anyone is born anywhere in the world. The star or the planet has certain kind of ‘personality’ and it leaves its imprint on the nature, life and destiny of the person born under its influence.

The horoscope is divided into twelve parts called houses. It also contains certain types of lines and figures that represent the positions and movement of the stars or the planets in course of their celestial journey.

The stars sometimes also stay in houses related to the zodiac sign of subject of the horoscope in course of their movements where they may sometimes come across other stars and planets. In that case, the more powerful of the two stars or the planets tends to influence in the course of life and destiny of the subject.

Again, since the governing stars or the planets always remain on the move, their position at a given point of time influences the life of the person on the earth. This explains why the lives and destinies of the people keep changing.

A horoscope is, thus, a very useful tool in the hands of the astrologers for analyzing the nature and personality of the clients and predicting their future. As a natural extension of this utility, they also draw compatibility charts to determine the relationship issues of any two persons.

Compatibility charts help people to better understand each other and eliminate the pitfalls in business, love and matrimonial relationships.

Numerology readings

Another branch of psychics that uses the name, date and place of birth of the clients to provide readings is numerology. Numerologists believe that the numbers are informed with deep mystical implications in respect of the nature and destiny of the people. They further believe that there is a profound relationship between the letters of alphabet and the numbers. Each letter is associated with a certain number.

With that premise, the numerologists convert each letter in the name, date and place of birth of the clients into their respective numerical values. The make some simple mathematical calculations and arrive at a definite number. They call it by various names such as Life Path or Destiny number and interpret its implications for the life and destiny of the clients.

It is quite evident from this, that the numerologists can also determine compatibility life/ destiny numbers of any two people and help them to live comfortably with each other by eliminating the points of differences.



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