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Psychic Reading


Psychics are people who declare and profess that they possess extrasensory perception and abilities that allows them to discern and recognize messages, knowledge and information that could not be perceived by the five basic senses: sense of sight, sense of smell, sense of hearing, sense of touch and sense of taste. They also have the ability of clairvoyance, telepathy, precognition and retrocognition.


Some of the famous psychics are:


What is a psychic reading?


Basically, psychic reading is a particular and meticulous effort to perceive and identify information with the use of extrasensory perception. These information could only be gathered, interpreted and understood by psychics as they are the only ones who could work their way into the spiritual realm. The information and knowledge that they collect could not normally be acquired by the five basic senses that all of us have.


A psychic reading is the session between a psychic and a sitter (the client) and most of the time the sitter asks the questions that they want to know regarding aspects of their lives such as money, career, family and love. The psychic would have to connect to the energy or aura of the person in order to gather all the information to where he or she will get the answers to the clients questions.


There are things that not everyone could see, sounds that not everyone could hear and entities that not everyone could talk to. Only those who are gifted are allowed to have access and to speak to them. That is why most of the people run to psychics for help if they feel like they need new insights, good advices and unbiased guidance.


3 types of psychic reading


  1. Intuitive Reading

If you want a reading that could answer your questions about your career, money matters, family affairs and your love life or your relationship with some people, then this is the type of reading that yo would most likely enjoy. Usually, psychics would use tarot cards or angel cards to provide insights and guidance to their clients. Also, they will use their intuitive gifts, and their abilities to sense and connect to your energy. They could also opt to connect and find your spirit guides to be able to gather and understand information about you.


  1. Akashic Records Reading

If you are the type of person who wants to receive a reading that could change their path and their ways to live then this reading is for you. You can also ask the questions that you would ask in an intuitive reading. The psychic will have to connect and look deep inside your soul. He or she will determine how your spiritual self is currently feeling or taking things. And Akashic Records reading is more extensive, intense and genuine and is somehow more beneficial, helpful and fruitful.


  1. Medium Reading

If you are a person who had lost a loved one and would want to relay messages or ask questions to the person who passed away, then this reading is for you. Mediums are the only psychics who are able to connect and communicate with deceased souls and they are also the ones who are able to gather information and knowledge through spirit guides in the spiritual realm. To make sure that they were able to connect to the right spirit, they would reveal their:

- characteristics and features; how they looked before

- facts for verification or evidences

- messages and the things that they would want to tell you


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