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Psychic Predictions

The word’ psychic’ is a modern synonym for the diviners of the olden times when they were called soothsayers, seers, prophets, fortune tellers, oracles and so on.  There is one thing common about these holy people: they predict the future.

How do the psychics make predictions?

Most psychics are blessed with divinatory powers from their birth. They inherit these powers from their parents especially mothers or grandmothers. There are others who carry forward their divine powers from the previous births in course of process of their spiritual evolution.

Some of the innate powers that enable the psychics to make predictions are clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, telepathy, insight, intuition, sixth sense, third eye etc. These powers are off-shoots of each other.  They are interrelated and overlap each other.

Psychics also use certain tools to make predictions. Some of the important tools are numerology, tarot cards, and astrology. In fact, these tools do not work by themselves. It means that they do not yield any predictions if they are used by laymen.The tools work only when psychics use their innate powers over them. It is like the scalpels of the surgeons. They show results only when they are used by those who have knowledge and power to use them.It may also be said that the tools trigger the divinatory powers of the psychics. They almost inspire them. It is like the sight of the golden rays of the sun sparkling over the waves of the ocean. It stirs the Muse of the poets and singers. The same amazing sight evokes no particular response from the common people.

In the same way, the sight of the pictures and symbols on the tarot card picked up by the clients triggers the innate predictive powers of the psychic or the tarot readers. The lines and figures on the horoscope stir up the predictive abilities of the psychics.But the same pictures on the tarot cards or the lines and figures on the horoscope make no sense for the questioners. It is quite obvious from above that the tools work only when the psychics use their powers over them.

What kind of predictions do the clients seek?

Curiosity to know the future is a universal human urge. Our curiosity to know the future involves two important concerns.
One, I wish to know the future of my life in general. How long, for instance, shall I live? What would be my overall health in course of my life? Would my life go smoothly? How will I fare financially? And so on.

Second, we want predictions about our immediate issues or problems. Quite often such questions start with the words like ‘will’,’ when’, ‘where’ etc. Such is our urgency that we want yes or no answers right away.

Will I be able to marry the person I love?
Will I be able to get the job I so much dream of?
Will I recover from my present ailment?
Will I succeed in my business?

We want to get predictions about the time frame.
When will I get my dream job?
When will I marry the person I want?
When will my business take off?

We want predictions about the locations.
Where will I find the thief?
Where should I start my business?
Where should I buy my house?

The psychics use various tools according to their expertise and make predictions about the questions and problems of the clients.

If you have any long term questions or urgent problems and require immediate solutions to them, get in touch with the psychics for predictions.

Open your heart to clear all your doubts and have wisdom about your Love Life through Psychic Predictions.


Thursday, 31 May 2012


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