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Psychic Phenomena - What is Clairvoyance?

Each one of us is considered a “spiritual” person, according to adherents of psychic phenomena. The word “spiritual” is also believed to be related to the word “psychic” because a person who has psychic abilities also has the skill to establish a connection to a higher spiritual realm.  The word “psychic” also applies to a wide array of skills and characteristics, from extra sensory perception (ESP), mental telepathy to clairvoyance and more. Here’s a brief overview of one of the most popular psychic abilities today, clairvoyance.   

The Ability To See Future Events At Will

The word “clairvoyance” is derived from a French word which means “clear seeing”.  It refers to the ability to sense, as well as clearly see, future situations or events, at will. Veteran psychic researchers stress that each one of us has this ability, although to fully harness it, we need to have a persistent effort to release it in a positive way. The aspiring clairvoyant also needs to remember that those who possess clairvoyant skills are often more sensitive to the energies that are around them. Hence, they should steer clear of people, places and things that are negative, because they could absorb these bad energies. 

What Are The Different Types of Clairvoyance?

There are actually two types of clairvoyance – Positive (Voluntary) and Negative (Involuntary) clairvoyance. Positive clairvoyance refers to the ability where the individual is able to see, as well as investigate, something, and yet he is in control of his senses. Negative clairvoyance refers to a vision of something that's presented to the individual, although the vision comes independent of the person's will.  This indicates that the clairvoyant only sees what is given or presented to him, and he or she will have no control over it. Negative clairvoyance is often considered to be a quite dangerous, because it opens up the person to full possession by playful, or harmful spiritual entities.      

How To Develop Your Clairvoyance Skills?

If you feel like you possess some clairvoyance skills, here are a number of useful steps for developing it. First, you need to eradicate any negative emotions, ideas or thoughts from your mind. Second, begin a daily meditation routine.  Find a place, or room, at home, where you can securely, and peacefully meditate.  The moment you meditate should also be your “official” quiet time, so that no one will interfere you while you’re doing it. Next, pay close attention to your feelings, and begin to follow and listen to them. Veteran clairvoyants stress that if you want to fully develop your clairvoyance skills, you need to be very confident in the feelings and thoughts that you have, so you will be able to elevate your subconscious to a level wherein you can connect to the spiritual realm.  

Developing your clairvoyance skills is one thing that you cannot achieve overnight, and will certainly require a lot of time and practice. And in order to become a clairvoyant, you should also nurture a positive mindset, and allow your feelings and thoughts to flow freely. The more in tune you get with your inner self, the easier it will be for you to enhance your clairvoyance skills.  



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