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Psychic Mediumship – How Do Mediums Communicate With The Dead?

Mediumship is commonly defined as the ability to communicate with dead people.  The word “medium” is used because the individual serves as a link between the living and the spirits of the departed.  Mediumship has been practiced for thousand of years, and in Eastern cultures, mediums have been both praised, and reviled by conservatives, for their special skills or powers.  Here's a brief overview of how mediums communicate with departed souls.

Mediums May Not Believe In God, But They Do Believe In Spirits

Mediums, like most psychics do not generally belong to a specific religion or faith.  And while they may, or may not, believe in God or another higher entity, they certainly do believe that each person has a soul, which separates from the individual after he/she dies.  Psychic researchers also believe that mediums retain the gift of mediumship, even after they themselves die.

Can Someone Become A Medium?

If you're wondering if anyone can become a medium, well the answer is yes.  All the person needs to do is fully give himself over to the communicating spirit, and fully allow the spirit to work through his body.  Once the spirit is allowed to enter the medium's body, the spirit can talk, write or communicate in other ways.  A person who wants to become a medium must also not be afraid of hurting himself, whether physically or mentally.  The aspiring medium must also remember that not all spirits are helpful or of the positive type, as some spirits can be outright playful or harmful, domineering or  egotistical.

How Do Mediums Communicate  With Spirits or Souls?

A psychic medium often goes into a trance, before he/she is able to communicate with spirits or dead souls.  And while being in a trance does not mean the medium loses complete control of his or her awareness, it should be described as being in a deep daydream-like state, and yet the medium is still in full control of his/her senses.  In order to be in trance, the medium needs to have the appropriate mental and psychological state, so that he'll be able to connect with the spiritual world.  Mediums are known to communicate with the departed in two ways – automatic writing and drawing.  Through drawing, the medium hears and sees the spirit, and then the spirit enters the medium's body, and uses him to talk to another living person. In automatic writing, the medium uses a pen and paper, or a chalk and chalk board, after which he contacts the spirit, and the spirit writes or draws a message on the piece of paper or on the board.  The room where the medium establishes contact with the spirit need not be dimly-lit or silent, as he can do it anywhere deemed appropriate.

Psychic researchers agree that being in  a trance-state is helpful to a medium, however it is not the only way for a  medium to effectively communicate with a departed soul. Often times, the word “trance” is misunderstood by many. The truth is that being in a trance doesn't mean that the individual losses complete control of his/her awareness.

A person who is in an active trance can usually be compared to someone who's in a deep sleep, and yet the person still can sense, or hear the outside world.


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Monday, 4 June 2012


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