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Psychic Mediums? Or rather Psychics and Mediums?

A lot of people say that psychics and mediums are very much the same people, and there are also those who believe otherwise.  In fact, they both claim to have access and contact to the supernatural world. 

There are several similarities between psychics and mediums. Indeed they are closely related. .  In fact, they both claim to have access and contact to the supernatural world. Let us first define the terms psychic and medium. The term psychic is derived from its Greek origin which is psychikos, meaning “of the mind”. A psychic refers to an individual who possesses the unique ability to recognize information that an average person cannot see. These persons deal with forces that are lying outside the scope of physical science or knowledge. They also have extreme or mysterious sensitivity, understanding, and insight. Now, a medium is also an individual who possesses an ability to see what normal persons cannot. These are people who have the gift to allow spirits to send messages from the afterlife. One goal of a medium is to prove the existence of the human personality even after death. Psychics and mediums are therefore very much the same people if taken in to a broader perspective. All psychics actually act as mediums and help people understand the supernatural world. This can either be the world of souls and spirits around us or the future that is yet to come. Or this can even be the past which we already have moved on from. So in this context, a psychic is very much like a medium.

Now, let us go further in to the details about psychics and mediums. Let us find out their differences. If we see these two types of persons from a specific perspective, we will see that these two are also very different from each other. First, a medium has psychic skills and abilities, but this does not mean that every psychic can become a medium. A medium can directly communicate or talk with spirits in the spirit world. This cannot be done by a psychic. A medium acts as a way between the actual physical world and the spirit world. And this is outside the scope of a psychic. A psychic, on the other hand, can foretell or predict the future by using several channels. Psychics can also provide you insights with regards to your career, finances, love life, and other relationships. Not all mediums can do this. A medium cannot predict the future. Unlike psychics, mediums are not able to read or to use spirit channels like crystal balls, cards, or runes. In the majority of cases, psychics commercialize their abilities. A medium must never commercialize his or her abilities because he might lose all of them.

Let us now summarize the similarities and differences between psychics and mediums. Both a psychic and a medium give us a clearer understanding of the spirit or supernatural world. And their differences can be seen through the ways and means that they use to help us understand such things.


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