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Psychic Mediums and Their Classifications

As a general definition, psychic mediums are psychics that have the capability to communicate with the spirits of the dead through channelling. However, are you aware that these mediums are classified as well into different categories? They are categorized according to the abilities that they possess. A medium can only have a psychic ability, and it is possible as well to have two abilities at a time. Moreover, it is possible to have two or more psychic abilities for a medium. Generally, there are three basic classifications of mediums according to their abilities. They are the physical mediums, mental mediums, and the clairaudients.

Physical psychic mediums are those mediums that can channel the unseen spirits around. It is through physical acts that the spirit can communicate with the medium. Methods used in this kind of communication are audible sounds and telekinesis. Thus, even the people around the medium can see the moving objects and hear the audible sounds from the spirit. However, it is only the psychic medium that can see the figure of the spirit in the room. The other people around can see the moving objects and hear the sounds, but they do not have the capability to see the figure of the spirit. With this kind of contact method to the spiritual world, it is not advisable to do it in public. The physical medium usually conducts in private session.

The mental psychic mediums, on the other hand, use their minds to communicate to the spiritual world. They have the ability to hear, see, and feel the spirits around them, with the powers of their mind alone. Since it is their mind that is working, the other people around them cannot see, feel, or hear the spirit. Thus, their only way to communicate with the dead loved one is to use the mental psychic medium to convey or pass their message to the spirit. It is important though for a mental medium to clearly open his mind so that he will be able to clearly understand the message of the spirit.

The clairaudients, on the other hand, are the psychic mediums, who have the capability to hear the spirits only. They can understand clearly the message of the spirit, but they cannot clearly see them, unless they have the power of clairvoyant. The clairaudients do not use their physical ear to listen to the spirits; instead they use their spiritual ear. If there is a third eye to see spirits, there is a third ear as well to listen to them. The third ear is what is being used by the clairaudients to listen to these spirits.

While not all psychic mediums can belong to these categories, it is possible though for one to have all of these abilities. It is possible for a medium to be a physical medium, mental medium, and clairaudient at the same time. It is possible as well for one to possess other abilities such as clairvoyant, and clairsentience. With these kind of several abilities, it generally depends on the medium on which method should he use when contacting someone from the spiritual world.


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