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The difference between a psychic and a medium


This is probably for the people who misunderstand the difference between a psychic and a medium. Well, to start off, a psychic is not certainly a medium but a medium is most definitely a psychic.


A psychic is a person who focuses on the energy of the people around him or her and they can sense and feel the elements of a person that results in allowing them to get a glimpse of the person’s past, present and future. Basically, a psychic depends and trust their intuition and their extrasensory perception that enabled them to collect and accumulate knowledge and information about the people that they are reading.


A medium is basically a psychic as well but they are one step ahead as they use their intuition and extrasensory perception to try and regulate the spiritual energy of the person that they are reading. Mediums depend on the existence of the abstract and metaphysical energy that encompasses the person in order for them to gather and accumulate knowledge and information.


A psychic medium’s work is to make connections, decode and decipher the meaning of the knowledge that have gathered and convey the message from the people who have passed away already to their loved ones here one Earth. The spirit guides help the medium to establish a good connection into the spirit realm and allows them to be the channel between the living and the spirits.


What are the manifestations of a psychic medium?


  1. You can see spirits of the people who have passed away ever since you were a child

When you were a child, you were often confused as to why you can see people who passed away or the spirits that nobody else could see. It is believed that is is normal for the kids younger than five years old to see spirits as they are still very much linked to the spirit realm.


  1. You grew up with imaginary friends

This is one of the signs of being a medium at a young age. You are the only one who could see your imaginary friends, and these friends could be lone spirits, angels, or other supernatural being like elves, dwarves or fairies.


  1. Somehow, you feel and you know that you are different and unique

You know and feel that you are different than other people and you somehow feel that you don’t and will never fit in. Well, that is okay and that is normal as people who do not have psychic abilities would really never understand how it is to have amazing gifts. Just find people who could accept you and love your abilities as much as you do.


  1. You can “see” things that normal people don’t

This is considered as clairvoyance and this start off as seeing shadows or sparkles or faint lights from afar. If you develop your gifts, you can see much clearer things, or better yet, people.


  1. You can feel eerie and ghostly auras in a creepy places

Yes, you could actually feel and see what happened in an old abandoned building. You get flashbacks or a glimpse of the past of a location and you seem to know the history of it, even if it is your first time going to that place.

  1. You have very evocative and realistic dreams

Having vivid and realistic dreams is a good indicator that you are a psychic as it does not often happen to everyone. Also, some of the messages and information from the spirit realm gets passed on via dreams. So take not of that.


  1. You seem to know stuff about people

Well, if you are a psychic, you have extrasensory perception and that could be used to read another person even without communication or having to ask anything.


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