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Psychic Medium Email Reading – How the Mediums Go into a Trance

The state of trance is very important in the success of psychic medium email reading. If the online psychic medium successfully gets in a trance, the reading will be successful also. To be able to go into the state of trance, there are procedures that the psychic mediums are following.

The first step is the eye fixation.

It is in this process where they focus on something so that they can concentrate on their mission to go into trance. While focusing on something, the mediums should control their breathing as well. And, they should try to clear their minds. They cannot fully go into trance if there is something that is bothering them.

The psychic medium needs to fully relax his or her body before going into a trance.

Accordingly, in a psychic medium email reading, it is impossible for the medium to go into trance if his or her body is not completely relaxed. Sometimes, to relax their bodies, the mediums are thinking backwards to remind themselves of the time that they are very calm and peaceful. That way, they will be able to completely relax their body. They can also use the process of visualization to relax their bodies. Visualization involves the creation of images on your head so that they can fully relax their body.

There are others forms of relaxation methods that the psychic mediums use so that they can fully relax their body. Mostly, they use their imagination so that their mind and body will be relaxed.

While going into the state of trance in a psychic medium email reading, the psychic mediums must also focus on their physical and emotional responses.

The physical response of the psychic medium will help him or her find an inner concentration. For example, they can imagine that they are surrounded by warm and positive energies. With regards to their emotions, the psychic mediums must know how to control and disregard their emotion. They understand that if they are overruled by their anger or by their grief, they will not be able to achieve something on the online psychic reading. However, there are some psychic mediums who use their emotion to concentrate and get into trance immediately. In other words, it all depends according to how they control and use their emotions. There are mediums who cannot separate their emotion from their concentration while there are mediums too who use their emotions as their bridge to get into the state of trance.

As much as possible, the environment of the psychic mediums should be very quiet and peaceful.

However, there are times that they need to go into trance when the need arises even if the environment is very noisy.  This can be applied also when they are doing psychic medium email reading. In this case, they should know how to manage the noises around them. Instead of fighting the noise and distraction, they are absorbing them and making them as part of their concentration. Other psychic mediums can close their ears to the physical world so that they can get into trance easily.


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