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Psychic line and how it works

What is a psychic line?


A psychic line is basically controlled by psychic hotline companies that hire independent psychics, from different parts of the world, who work from the comforts of their home. This makes availing of reading easier for everyone, the company, the psychic and the clients, as they all just have to dial a certain number, pay via credit card and then be connected to a psychic of their choice.


So how does it work?


First, the client calls a specific psychic hotline and a helpdesk staff answers the call. The helpdesk staff would explain everything from how the readings would go, the minimum minutes for a reading, how much a reading would cost you and basic details and information about their psychics. After that, they would have to ask you a few basic questions such as your name, your phone number, your location, your credit card number and then proceed to processing the payment, depending on the minutes and how long you would like to stay on the line. After processing the payment via your credit card, the helpdesk would then have to connect you to the psychic of your choice or someone that they would recommend to you, if you are a first time caller.


If you want another reading, you could always just call back, repeat the cycle but skipping the part of asking the basic details and informing you how the reading works and then be connected to a psychic to have another reading.


It’s simple, yes?


What make it better than an actual and a physical reading with a psychic?


Well, you can always do it at home or anywhere you are for that matter. This is the best advantage that a phone reading could offer you. If you feel like having a reading then you can always just call when you are doing nothing at home or in your car while waiting for your kids to be dismissed from school or while waiting for someone in a restaurant. You don’t have to drive anywhere and get caught up in traffic to be able to get a reading. It’s all at the comforts of your home!


The psychics won’t be able to defraud you. They would have no idea if you are rich because they wouldn’t be getting hints from the clothes and accessories that you are wearing or the car that you are driving. They wouldn’t be able to see body language as well, they will not have anything to base their reading with other than their psychic abilities and gifts.


Phone readings give you more options, some of the psychics available at the company that you called might be at the other side of the world. Isn’t it amazing that you are given a chance to talk to someone, and ask for great insights, who is from another country and is a thousand miles away from you? Also, a variety of psychics will be available and you can choose whether you are looking for a medium, a spiritual healer or a clairvoyant.


No awkward face-to-face readings and this will make you feel comfortable. There are times when you don’t feel like you want to be in front of someone, let alone that person trying to read you and assess your personality and future. And let’s face it, some people just get embarrassed when they ask personal question. Phone reading will let you be at ease so you can ask all your questions!

For a psychic, it’s convenient to apply and devote a lot of their hours to online or phone readings as they are not totally required to come to work on a daily basis. They would just have to go online, change their status to available, then accept readings. It’s nice when things are made expedient and uncomplicated for all of the people involved.


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