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Psychic Healing Power

Since there are several ideas that are conflicting regarding the effectiveness of psychic healing, people are left to make the decision for themselves about it being an alternative to curing and managing certain illnesses.  If you choose to make use of this type of treatment, you have to choose wisely the psychic who is going to perform it.  Are you willingly putting yourself in the hands of this person and entrust yourself to his care? Has psychic healing been proven effective? Scientifically, it has not yet been but many people claim that it has therapeutic effects.

So what is psychic healing and how does it differentiate with scientific healing?   Scientific healing is the kind of healing that you get when you go to a hospital.  Doctors, nurses, and other members of the health care team attend to you and treat you based on what they have studied and proven effective.  Psychic healing on the other hand, is performed by a psychic who instead of utilizing x-rays and other diagnostic procedures use their mind power to diagnose your case and give you treatments based on it.  Several psychics simply place their hands over the affected area in one’s body to help one get better.  Some psychics make use of massages and meditation.  Several patients reported feeling better and saw improvements after several sessions.

Psychic healing is real but it isn’t a miracle.  It has become popular because of the results it has produced.  Most people believe that such gift of healing is a blessing from God, and only few people have them.  It is believed that such healing is done with positive or cosmic energy.  It is particularly used in healing and curing problems like anxiety, stress, depression, phobias, cancer, and many others. Psychic healing sessions are mostly given at the psychic’s websites and therapy is sent through emails.  There is also therapies with are made even at a distance and made over the phone. The services are offered for free or for a reasonable cost.  The psychics not just heal humans but also help animals that are brought to them.

When it comes to healing methods, psychics can heal by just their touch.  Others utilize sounds, colors, crystals, and massages.  Psychic healing techniques include distance healing, mesmerism, faith healing, spiritual healing, laying-on-of-hands healing, and healing by intuition.  Laying-on-of-hands is the most common.  Positive force or energy is being collected by the psychic healer to heal the person of his disease. The positive energy moves from the psychic’s hands to the person.  Psychic healing, unlike medicine, does not cure the disease but serves as a system of support to help one get a faster recovery.  The strong faith of the person lets this kind of healing work.  It stems from the theory that states that each person is capable and has powers inside them that let them be healed with positive energy.

Several people find psychic healing to be acceptable.  Scientifically, it has also been known to really work on people but the processes and methods as to how still remain a mystery.


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