Psychic Healing - How Does It Work?

Psychic Healing - How Does It Work?

If you're sick, and you need help, the first thing on your mind would be the doctor, or a conventional health professional.  But if you're looking for alternative healing methods that may work, who will you turn to? The psychic healer could be a good choice.  Psychic healers often employ different techniques, which may seem odd to most people.  Some of these methods include intuition, telepathy,  clairvoyance, and energy healing modalities.  Psychics are people who have the ability to use their sixth sense, to tap information that cannot be accessed through the basic human senses.  These people are also good at tapping the universal life force, or higher energy, in order to create natural or psychic healing modalities.  Here are a number of basic facts regarding psychic healing.

For most people, if ever they feel sick, perhaps the first person to pop up on their minds would be the doctor. Well, yes of course I’d call the doctor too on most occasions. But what if you want a different, more spiritual form of healing, one that heals not just the physical ailments, but also the emotional and spiritual aches? Why not try calling on a psychic healer? Let’s briefly talk on a few interesting, and helpful, facts about psychic healing. 

How Does Psychic Healing WorkWhat Is A Psychic Healer?

Psychic healers are people who have the ability to channel their psychic energies towards healing, or alleviating a bodily condition or ailment, in a “holistic” manner.  The psychic may use telepathy, intuition, clairvoyance and other methods to heal any type of physical ailments, or diagnose what's wrong with the person's body.  Here are other helpful facts about psychic healers.

Some psychic healers also use healing methods or modalities like “reiki”, pranic healing, creative “visualisation” guided imagery and affirmations that are used in tandem with massage, aromatherapy, herbs, along with helpful changes in nutrition and diet. 

Overall, psychic healing believes that any illness or ailment originates in the energy body, and if these blockages can be released or removed, then the person's health and vitality can be restored once again.

Two Kinds of Psychic Healing

Psychic healing is the kind that uses energy to make someone feel better. Psychics are blessed with the gift to make someone feel lighter and stronger.

According to psychic researchers, psychic “healing” uses energy to make the person feel stronger, or healthier. There are two main types of psychic healing too, physical and emotional healing. In physical psychic healing, psychics can help identify or target the energy points in the person’s body, and locate the source of the health issue. The psychic will then use his or her energy, and channel it to help with the natural healing of the ailing part of the body.  In emotional psychic healing, psychics provide or offer advice and counseling to the individual, especially when the emotional psychological baggage is already too hard to handle. The psychic can also offer a whole new perspective, and provide a much wider insight, to help the person make the right choices, and find the right solutions.

Physical healing. Many go to a psychic especially when the doctors tell them that there is no hope. Psychics can pinpoint energy points in the body. And with this can locate the source of the problem. Psychics use their own energy to channel it to another body to help with the energy flow. This energy helps in the natural healing of the body. Seeker should just have to remember that they should put their trust on their psychic. This way they will not obstruct the energy flow between them and their psychic.

Emotional healing. Seekers go to psychics for answers. They go to psychics for guidance especially when the emotional baggage is already too heavy to handle. Psychics can provide emotional healing by focusing on the source. Psychics can understand the overall being of someone. They can see the innermost thoughts and feelings that can help in the enlightenment. They can provide a whole new perspective about the seeker’s dealings. The new knowledge that seekers receive about them are the key to emotional healing.

Physical illness and emotional baggage are two of the most common things that drag someone down. When these are taken care of, rest assured that someone will be able to live his life to the fullest. He will be able to feel more optimistic because the negativities are gone. But it is still strongly advised to seek medical attention before going to a psychic especially for physical healing. It is still best to not have doubts and regrets in the end.

What Differentiates A Psychic Healer From A Doctor?

Unlike regular doctors, who base all their diagnosis and findings after conducting a lot of laboratory tests and other general medical activities, psychic healers firmly believe that the individual is more than his physical body, and an illness or disease is more than a symptom, and could indicate the need to heal an underlying emotional or psychological issue or problem. Psychics also believe that a person’s “aura”, or energy field, corresponds to the individual’s emotions, and is constantly changing. Thus positive emotions like love, compassion, sincerity and enthusiasm help keep the person’s aura healthy and exuberant. Negative emotions on the other hand, such as anger, loneliness and despair significantly reduce or block the person’s aura.

What Methods Do Psychic Healers Use?

The healing techniques or methods employed by a psychic healer will depend on his or her specialization or field of expertise. For example, some healers “pranic” healing (which employs mental (or even metaphysical) energy), telepathy, clairvoyance and intuition, while others use methods described as “visualization”, “guided imagery” and more. Some employ aromatherapy and herbs, massage and even advice on changes in nutrition and diet.
So, the next time you feel sick (not just physically, but emotionally as well) why not try getting help from a psychic too, apart from your friendly health care provider? Because psychics are best known for having the ability to use their “sixth sense”. They are more able to tap into a higher spiritual source or universal energy, thus they’d be more than equipped to identify what’s ailing you, and find the right cure for both your physical and emotional ailments.


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