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Psychic Games - Making Your Own Ouija Board

Ouija board is a very popular tool for psychics to communicate with the spiritual world. They are also using this board to play psychic games on their own. The use of this board started way back on the 14th century. It was even used by the Greeks before the birth of Christ. With its existence, it was proven to be an effective tool for psychics and readers. As a psychic, one must have his or her own Ouija board. This can be bought on psychic stores, offline or online. If you want a personalized board, you can make your own. Anyway, creating your own Ouija board is rather simple.

The first thing that you are going to do in creating Ouija board for your psychic sessions and psychic games is to make a sketch of what the board will look like. Ouija Board Psychic Spirit Reading

You should have the proper layout of the board as well. The general layout for Ouija boards has all the letters of the alphabet that are arranged to form a circle. The “YES” word is located at the top of the circle and the “NO” word is situated at the bottom of the circle. Also, the numbers 1 to 9 are also included in the board. They are usually placed right next the word “NO.”

The next step is to materialize the sketch or the design of the Ouija board that you have created.

Finalize it in a piece of paper or a piece of board. For the Ouija board to last for a longer time, you should make use of hard materials such as card board of a wide piece of wood instead of using paper. You can also have it engraved on top of your psychic table so that it will really last for a lifetime. The advantage of being engraved at the top of your psychic table is that you do not have to worry about it getting lost or misplaced. If you are not using it for psychic games or spiritual consultations, you can just cover it with a piece of table cloth and uncover it again when you are going to use it.

You should also give an allowance of space on the edges of board.

The space is meant for the makeshift planchette. You can also make your own makeshift planchette by making use of an inverted glass or a pointer. Otherwise, you can buy your own from the psychic store. The space allowance is designed so that the planchette will not fall off when you are using it on the Ouija board. Make sure that the space is wide enough for the makeshift planchette.

Finally, cover your own Ouija board with a clear coating for added protection.

You can use a clear plastic for covering. Just make sure that the covering has an exact size as the Ouija board. Aside from protecting the board from scratches and dust, the smooth covering also allows the makeshift planchette to move smoothly when you are playing psychic games or when you are doing spiritual consultations. To make the Ouija board last, you should take care of it properly.



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