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In the history of ESP or extra sensory perception, there is one name that stands out. It is the name of J.B. Rhine who works at North Carolina’s Duke University. J.B. Rhine together with his wife, Louisa started researching and experimenting about unexplainable things. This is also the time when the term parapsychology or the study of psi phenomena came to be.

During J.B. Rhine’s experiments, a device called Zener cards was used to determine ESP. This device is a set of cards that have square, cross, star, circle, and wavy lines prints. A set of Zener cards has a total of 25 cards with 5 cards per symbol. The mechanics in using the Zener cards are simple. There is a sender and the receiver. There is the one who will ask and there is the one who will answer. Those with extrasensory perception claim that the power of their minds allows them to receive information. If this is correct then a simple set of cards can determine that.

Though in the early 1920s there is already evidence of studies about extrasensory perception. A certain Ina Jephson uses cards as well for her statistical studies. Her studies found mixed results. There is another name that arises with the study of ESP. He is G.N.M. Tyrrell who used automated data-recording and target-selection. Then there is Whateley Carington who experimented on paranormal cognition of random words. There is also someone who tried to study how it is possible to retrieve information from token objects. This person is J. Hettinger.

In the University of London, there is a mathematician called Samuel Soal who became a little successful in proving that precognitive telepathy do exists. His study together with that of J.B. Rhines convinced many scientists and philosophers of the existence of extrasensory perception and psychic ability.


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