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Psychic Empath

Basically, an Empath is a person who has an ability to strongly feel the emotions, energy and thoughts of the people around them and the stronger their feelings can get then the weaker they become if they use their ability too often. But like any other psychic abilities, the capabilities of the empaths can be managed and controlled to let them help out some people and also enjoy using their abilities.

Empathy is related to clairsentience – the ability to foretell events through feelings – but it doesn’t necessarily mean that it involves the psychic realm and paranormal phenomenon. Empathy is more of substantiating and revealing the physical world whilst collecting the feelings, thoughts and even illnesses of the people around you, animals and the whole biological community.

You can consider empaths to be extremely sensitive people and immensely advanced people who are in touch with and are particularly involved in their surroundings. If you think you are an empath, then you most probably are. Look at the list of signs below that might help you distinguish if you’re an empath or not.

Signs that you most probably are an Empath

  1. You carry the load of other people’s burdens for days after talking to them

It is never easy for you to be free of the burden when a friend opens up to you about how hard life it is for them or any problem that seems to be very heavy for them at the moment. You seem to also be affected by it.


  1. You become easily drained and uncomfortable in social situations

You get easily stressed on social events like reunions, funerals, wedding and large gatherings, just remember to give yourself a time limit of how long you should stay and then go. That would be easier for you.


  1. You distrust or distaste and like or appreciate a person even if it’s your first meeting

It is best believed that empaths can sense and read energies of the people around them, so they can feel and they know if a person could be trusted or not.


  1. Your emotions are like a rollercoaster; sometimes you’re very happy, sometimes you’re very depressed

As quickly as you can be affected with the pull of the earth’s lower vibration energies like fear, anxiety and worry; you can also swiftly get back up to your elevated self when you feel joy and triumph.


  1. You get enthusiastic for other people’s dreams and ideas

When you hear about other people’s happiness, you tend to also have good vibrations in you. This makes them good advisors and counselors. It is one of the great things an empaths can do.


  1. You get in between other people’s problems

Empaths are known to be sensitive and considerate listeners. They feel everything from heart break, sorrow, happiness, anger and a lot more. A good advice for an empath would be to set boundaries so they should know when to stop to refrain from draining themselves from listening.


  1. You can tell when a person is faking it

This is when you feel a person’s vibrations and you immediately know if he or she is lying. You just know.


  1. You have been told that you are too sensitive

Some may take it negatively but in truth this is an advantage for empaths. It’s what makes them very compassionate and empathetic and they can even try and influence others to be more compassionate and understanding towards other people.


  1. You are cherish your emotions and you want the people around you to do the same as you

Once you become confident and optimistic about your bona fide temperament then it is just right to demand a balanced level of respect from the people that you talk to. If they can’t, then it’s just a matter of time to let go of that person and find new people who can.

If you experience these signs then it is just proof that you can truly sense feelings, auras, energies and thoughts of those people around you. It is also believed that empaths are introverts as they get drained and tired around many people.

When empaths try to practice and manipulate their abilities into the spiritual realm, then they would most probably be called as Clairsentients. Clairsentients are considered to be clairempaths as they can relate to other people’s emotional state and experiences. This can most likely be done while reading a person’s aura and vibration.



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