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Psychic Dreams

Dreams are what occur in our minds during a settled stage of our slumber. Sometimes it shows images and ideas, other times it predicts emotions and sensations. Dreams can often be related to perceiving information and messages subconsciously.

How is it related to the psychic, you may ask? Often times, we can see foretell the future and we can sometimes experience seeing and talking to a deceased loved one through our dreams. It is believed that when we sleep, our astral body leaves our physical body and goes into a timeless dimension.

There are three types of psychic dreams;

  1. Precognitive Dreams

These dreams somehow allow us to predict a future happening or event. For example, you dream of your cousin who has long migrated to another country is finally going home and then actually receiving a call that they would go home for the holidays or dreaming of the winning number in a lottery and then find out the next day during the draw that the numbers that you saw in your dream were picked. Usually these dreams mean good news, but it can also predict the bad ones, like death. Though sometimes, it does not necessarily mean that someone will die when you dream of death but maybe because you are just holding a long-time grudge or you may really, really be angry at the said person who died in your dream.


It is quite important to be able to recognize a precognitive dream from a regular dream. To be able to do so, you must keep a dream journal and write it down whenever you dream something during sleep. This will help you to clearly remember your dreams and it may actually help you know if your dream has turned into reality.


Another thing to remember about precognitive dreams is that they tend to be repetitive. You may actually want to focus and try to decipher what your precognitive dream meant if you keep on dreaming it at your sleep. It may actually point you at something that might happen in the future, may it be about your career, your family relationships or your love life, or it may lead you to things that will help you improve your present situation. Whatever it means, it is not bad to try and understand what your dreams meant.


A few facts about precognitive dreams:

  1. Precognitive dreams are usually experienced by one-third of the general population

  2. Precognition happens in our dreams for almost 60% to 70%

  3. You will know and feel if you are having a psychic dream or just a normal dream


  1. Telepathic Dreams

These are dreams that let us communicate and touch the awareness of another person revealing correct details such as their actions and current situations. For example, dreaming about your sister being sick and then actually knowing that she had been confined in a hospital for three days already, this means that you had connected with her consciousness during your dream.


You can actually telepathically communicate to a deceased loved one, to your angels and to your guides while on a dream state. Your deceased grandfather can actually reach out to you and relay a message in your dream; it can oftentimes appear to be too real and vivid.


  1. Clairvoyant Dreams

These are dreams that are considered to be powerful dreams as the dreamer would be able to vividly and realistically see and dream about metaphors and events. This kind of dream can often be guides to the ones bearing it. Usually, clairvoyants in the waking world have strong and active dreams as they possess the ability to see the future in and out of their consciousness. The spirits, the guides and the angels would use the dream to offer guidance for the events that are about to come.


For example, you dream about a hurricane wiping out a small town at the other side of the country and then waking up to the news that there was actually a hurricane that wiped that small town. Or you can dream about having a conversation with you best friend at the cafeteria and then later on, your best friend pulled you in the cafeteria and had the same conversation that you heard in your dream.


It is said that the difference between precognitive dreams and clairvoyant dreams is that former can foresee the future and with the latter you can learn information and gain guidance, warnings, and alert you to what is currently happening.

Here are a few steps to enhance your psychic abilities when you dream:

  1. You should try to learn how to manipulate your dream to help you with the information that you get while dreaming. This is called Lucid Dreaming.

  2. You must keep your mind open. Believe and you will see.

  3. Try decoding your dreams, some dreams come in metaphors so it doesn’t actually have a direct message. Explore and put puzzle pieces together.

  4. Meditation may help you not just for enhancing your psychic abilities but also to clear your mind of unnecessary thoughts.

We are pretty sure that all of us dream, we are not just aware if we are having and experiencing precognitive, telepathic and clairvoyant dreams or it can be just a normal, regular dream. The best advice to follow through your dreams is to have a dream journal. Write it down and keep track of the dreams and observe if it means something or if what you dreamt of would really happen. Unfortunately, we usually don’t remember for up to 90% of our dreams. If you think you can clearly remember a dream, once you have woken up, try following up to the person whom you dreamt about and see if your dream was really accurate or not.



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