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Different Psychic Divination Techniques

First on the list is Tarot Reading.

Tarot reading is the divination technique that uses cards. But these are not just ordinary cards because it can hold so much information about someone if used properly. Tarots are comprised of 78 cards. Each card has an illustration printed on it. To start the psychic divination, the psychic will ask the seeker to pick a card. Depending on the aspect of the concern, the psychic will lay down the cards.

Second on the list is Runes Reading.

Runes are stones. Carved on these runes are letters from the futhark alphabet. The psychic divination will start as the seeker picks a rune without seeing the runes. Each letter has a meaning that will be interpreted by the psychic.  Rune reading can be associated with the I-Ching, which is another psychic divination technique that originated in China.

Third on the list is Automatic Writing.

This is a psychic divination technique wherein the psychic asks his seeker to write. But this is different from really writing as it is done unconsciously. The psychic will ask the seeker to let go of any thoughts. If all thoughts are stripped away then automatic writing would start.

Fourth on the list is Numerology Reading.

There are so many types of numerology reading from different countries with different cultures. The name and some procedures may be different but all having the same denominator, which is numbers. Numerology uses different significant numbers on the seeker’s lifelike his date of birth. The psychic can get a reading just by looking at these numbers and what it meant.

Fifth on the list is Pendulum Reading.

Often, pendulum is seen in clocks but psychics use this as divination tool. Depending what side the pendulum is leaning to is the answer to the question.


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