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Psychic Criminology

Criminology is the study of criminal behaviour and how it is affected by different factors. Criminology is the combined study of behavioural science and the law. In layman’s term, criminology is the study of solving crimes and catching criminals from the basis of evidence and reasonable doubts. It is important to study criminology to be a step ahead of those with criminal minds. Knowing how criminal minds work helps investigators or policemen create scenarios that can help them solve the crime. Criminology is a science that has many points and is a life-long learning because human mind, especially those with criminal instinct, is hard to really know and to what extent it can do.

Studying criminology seemed not enough, unfortunately, thus psychic criminology came to the picture. Psychic criminology is the method of asking a psychic’s help in solving mysteries in a crime. It is used to see things that the investigators might have missed. It is used to make sure that all points of the crime have been studied, tackled, and considered. Psychic criminology is used for both criminal and civil cases. Psychic criminology does not only help in creating scenarios and possibilities in a crime, it is also used to pick juries that can give the most sound and fair decision.

The ability of psychic has been known for many centuries now and investigators found the psychic’s ability to sense things to their advantage. The ability that psychics often use in psychic criminology is token-object reading or psychometry. Psychometry is the ability to know the history of an object by just touching it or to know the events that had happened by just standing on the place in question. With the use of their psychometric ability, psychics can give inkling to investigators and lay down a broader perspective of the crime.


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