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Psychic Cards


Cards have been one of the most common methods or tools used by psychics, clairvoyants, mediums, seers, oracles, prophets and many more to take a peek into a certain person’s past, present and future. It started way back in the 15th century and was brought and still being used up until the present day. Formerly, psychic cards were only used by individual people who were somehow practiced and were linked to folklore before adapted and oriented by other big countries such as the United States of America and the whole of Europe.


Hundreds of years had passed and cards are still being used in psychic readings and spiritual guidance and it is still one of the main methods used by modern psychics to provide readings to their clients. Although, nowadays, there are newly developed and created cards that the psychics can choose from. It is believed that in order to give and provide genuine and accurate psychic readings, a psychic must have found the best deck of cards for himself or herself. These cards are going to determine and tell a lot about a person’s past, present and future and the psychics will be able to get an ample amount of knowledge and information about their clients’ concerns, issues and questions with the deck.


Here are some of the spiritual card decks that you can choose from:


1. Tarot Cards


Tarot cards are basically the most popular deck of cards that are being used today by most of our modern psychics during their psychic reading session. This deck of cards are parted into two, which are the major arcana and the minor arcana.


Major Arcana – Composed of 22 solo cards that ar painted with different symbols, people, and environment and these cards bring most knowledge to the reader. They mean and symbolize the major decisions that a certain person should make in order to walk a fruitful and beneficial path towards the future.


Minor Arcana – Composed of 56 cards that were grouped into 4 suits, which are the Cups, the Sorwds, the Wands and the Pentacles.

Cups – depicts and tells about a certain person’s emotions, feelings and relationship matters.

Pentacles – represents the financial aspect of life and a person’s life at home

Swords – talks about education and relevant reasoning and arguments in life

Wands – tells you about innovation


Psychics will have to let you shuffle the deck of cards and cut it into half during the reading. The reader will then choose a spread, depending on your concern or what you want to know about, lay down the cards and then start interpreting and deciphering the meaning of the cards that has been chosen.


2. Angel Cards


Angel Cards are somehow the same with Tarot Cards as they can both be used to gain knowledge and information about a certain person’s life and it can also provide guidance and insights that the person needs. During an Angel Card reading, the reader will have to spread the cards and connect with a spiritual being from the spirit realm. This being will allow the reader to draw a card that could give you a quote that you will most likely be able to use and relate to your daily life and current situation.

3. Oracle Cards


Oracle Cards are known to have different people, animals, activities and objects painted on them that will guide you through the reading. Every card could help a person think about his or her current situation and allow them to get the guidance and insights that they need. The deck of cards will help you realize what you need to focus on and will try to let you understand what is the most important thing that you need to prioritize first before anything else.


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