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Psychic Card Reading

Psychic Card Reading


What is a psychic card reading?


Basically, psychic card reading is most commonly known as tarot card reading or Taromancy. Taromancy is a divination that uses tarot cards to foretell future events and to reveal hidden personalities, traits and characteristics of people. It has originated in the medieval period, long ago in the 1300s or 1400s in Italy until it had spread out in India, Egypt and China. The term Tarot was believed to have been derived from the Italian word “Tarocchi”.


A psychic card reading is not limited to the use of Tarot cards as psychics also use oracle cards, angel cards or any playing cards as long as they are able to receive messages, information and knowledge through it and interpret and decipher its meaning. This divination is called Cartomancy.


What are tarot cards?


Tarot cards are a deck of cards painted with symbols, pictures, numbers and words that are believed to reveal backstories of people from their past, foresee the future and provide coherence and clarity to people who seem to be lost and confused. Tarot cards are also used by psychics to provide insights, understanding and awareness regarding the future events, happenings and situations that has yet to come to their clients.


Usually, every card on the deck could reveal something and disclose information about the client’s past, present and future. The arrangement of the tarot cards during the session are called tarot spreads and these spreads serve as chapters just like when you are reading a book. Every card that you pick and lay on a spread are intertwined with each other, hence, producing and establishing the story of the person being read. The reading and the story would have to depend on how the tarot reader would interpret and understand the cards and how he or she will relay the message or knowledge to the sitter.


Sounds like it is just easy to do, yes?


But it isn’t.


Why? How do psychic card readings work?


Because a tarot deck is composed of 78 cards all in all and it is divided into two: the Major Arcana and the Minot Arcana. If you try buying a deck of tarot cards, there will be a manual or a guide that comes with it that indicates the meaning, the message or the significance of each card. The reading would depend on the tarot spread used as well as it will give the tarot reader an idea on what he or she is deciphering about.


Different tarot spreads that are most commonly used:



After the reader chooses the cards for the spread and interprets the meaning of the cards chosen, he or she will now have to give or provide insights, wisdom and knowledge to the client by giving advices and guidance on how the client will be able to solve a certain problem that has been haunting him or her or make a decision that could change his or her life or just get the peace of mind that he or she deserves.


Another thing about tarot card readers is that they need to have high concentrated energies to be able to perform and provide a reading to their clients. They should be able to tune into the energy of the person asking for a reading to be able to choose the right cards for the spread that will dictate how the reading will go and how the messages, details and stories will be. The tarot reader must be experienced, well-meditated and composed to be able to give an accurate and meaningful reading.


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