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Psychic Automatism

Psychic Automatism

Automatism is a physiological term that relates to bodily movements that are being unconsciously done by our bodies such as blinking, coughing, sneezing, and sleep walking and even breathing. Automatism had been used by Sigmund Freud to look into and explore the unconscious mind.  

Sigmund Freud’s concepts and views had influenced and inspired Andre Breton, an artist, a poet and a writer who was born on the 18th of February 1896 in Orne, France. He was the one who founded Surrealism and he defined it as the pure psychic automatism. This is because when you apply and practice with surrealism, you just make art with whatever comes into your mind. You don’t need to control yourself or you don’t get to think rationally about making your art. You just let your unconscious mind to express and convey itself. It is like you are bending all the moral and aesthetic rules and concerns while producing your masterpiece.

Psychic automatism is defined as when a person expresses his thoughts and views through speaking, writing, painting or any other method without reasoning and judgment and no control over your concentration and concerns. It is the real functioning of the mind. In other words, you just let it all flow freely. Automatism was universalized in the 20th century. Surrealists developed a creative force of insensible and unconscious art and they thought that it is a great way to escape the historical, cultural and intellectual limitations and curbs and unfasten the hidden or concealed creativity deep down an artist’s personality.

Today, great psychics tend to just go with it and tell the person everything that they see when they give a reading, unless the person only wishes to see the good side of her future. They allow their unconscious mind to do all the work and sense the auras and the vibrations. Psychics don’t really need to think hard before reading a person; they do not even have rules and regulations to follow. They see what they need to see and they know what they have to know. They unchain their unconscious mind and let it wander and be free and it allows their abilities to be magnified so that they could use it appropriately and effectively.

When psychics condition themselves for a reading, they make sure that they are well prepared and they have a clear mind. If their minds are preoccupied, the outcomes and results of the reading would have a high tendency of being clouded and obscure. To make sure that the client would be satisfied, they would have to deliver useful and convenient information about whatever the client wants to know and hear about.

It is not easy to just let your mind wander and act on its own; you need to have great focus and greater perseverance and patience. Here are a few ways to clear your mind and let go of all the unwanted thoughts:

  1. Distract yourself from whatever is bothering you

Don’t focus on just one thing when you are stressed. Give attention to other things and make sure to relax your mind.

  1. Be mindful of your surroundings

  2. Suppress unwanted memories

Put it at the back of your mind and don’t let it eat you. Unwanted memories may cause you to overthink and be stressed most of the time.

  1. Substitute bad thoughts with better thoughts

Think more of beautiful memories than the bad ones. Help yourself to recuperate and move on from the bad experiences that you have encountered. Release yourself from stress and worries.

  1. Meditate

Meditate and relax, take a few minutes off of thinking and rationalizing. This will help your brain to develop healthier and happier.


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