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Psychic and Medium Readings: Is there a difference?

There are quite a lot of psychic instruments that are being used by various psychics nowadays. There are tarot cards, crystal boards, angel cards, oracle cards, Ouija boards and some astrological charts that only the experienced and knowledgeable psychics would know how to decipher, understand and interpret. For us, ordinary human beings without any psychic abilities, it is hard to identify which instrument is used by a psychic, a medium, or if it is used by both of them.


Nowadays, a lot of people appreciate and acknowledge the abilities of psychics and mediums and many of us go to them to have a reading that would allow us to gain more knowledge and information about ourselves and about the people, places, things and events around us. If you ask around if psychics and mediums are just the same, most people would answer, yes, as to what they see and know, both psychic and mediums do have the same abilities but there is a little difference, here it goes.


Psychics are people known to have and possess supernatural abilities and the sixth sense that allows them to gather and collect information and knowledge about certain people, places and things around them. Through their sixth sense, they are able to accumulate intuitive information that no other ordinary person, without the sixth sense, could ever perceive. They can see beyond the unseen, hear beyond the unheard and know beyond the unknown. They have these extrasensory perception that is an  extension of the five basic human senses, which are the sense of sight, sense of smell, sense of touch, sense of taste and sense of hearing.


Psychics can see through the past, the present and the future of those around them. Usually, people go to them to ask about the future. Whether or not they will be successful in their career path, or if they their business would bloom into something big, or if they would marry the person whom they are with at the moment, or if they will settle down in a small town, or if they will find the love of their life and would be able to spend the rest of their life with them.


Most of us are anxious and worried of what is to come in the future and it is normal and conventional for us to go to psychic readers so that they could foresee the things for us. It is a typical reaction to be excited and scared at the same time. Who is not afraid of the things that hasn’t happened yet, right?


A psychic reading is when you will have to ask beneficial and useful advices and insights from psychic readers about your life, whether it is about your past, your present situation and your future.


Mediums are people who are also psychics, and they could possess psychic abilities like telepathy, precognition and retrocognition. The only difference is that they have the ability to connect and communicate with the people who have already passed away. They can see and talk to the spirits of the dead and they can gather and receive knowledge and information about certain people by connecting to their spirit guides.


Mediums can also see other spiritual entities such as angels, demons, dwarves, elves, fairies and many more. They can talk to them and get useful information about the things that ordinary human beings would not have a way of knowing.

Medium readings are also known as Seances and you would want to participate into one if you would like to talk to a relative or friend who had just left the physical world or if you would like to just know more about the spiritual realm.


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