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Psychic Advice: Two Extensive Categories

When it is a person’s first time to have a psychic reading they would be able to feel different kinds of emotions. You could feel fear, doubt and anxiety about it because you wouldn’t know what to expect from the reading and you might have hear a lot of negative feedback from other people who have been scammed or tricked by a fraudulent psychic. It is also natural to feel fear as we all have the fear of the unknown.


If you are going to have a psychic reading, you might want to relax your mind and your body as negative emotions could cloud your energy and that might affect how the psychic connects to you and block them from giving you a good reading.


During a reading, you can expect it to be a serene session with a counselor or a friend whom you can talk to about anything under the sun. But first you have to deal with your doubts and skepticism about psychics and psychic reading. You have to make sure that the psychic whom you have chosen to speak with is genuine and legitimate. Do your research and ask around for the best psychic in town. Good reviews and feedback about the psychic could ease your feeling of doubt and uncertainty about the whole psychic reading thought.


What is a psychic advice?


Basically, a psychic advice is something that your psychic reader tells you regarding the betterment and the development of your life as an individual. It does not necessarily say something about your future but it is more about giving you useful words of wisdom, insights and enlightenment on how you could achieve a certain thing or position so you can reach and accomplish your goals and dreams in life which will make you happy and successful.


There are different types of readings provided by different kinds of psychic readers from all over the world as psychics have different ways and methods on how they give out their psychic readings to their clients. Also, a psychic reading would depend on what a certain person wants to know about regarding his life.


Here are the two extensive classification of psychic advices:


1. Structured psychic advices


Structured psychic advices are mostly based on symbols, colors, patterns and images that have been in existence for a long time now. Only skilled, knowledgeable and experienced psychic advisors would know how to decipher and interpret the meaning and significance of the symbols based on what the person would want to know about. Examples of a structured readings are taromancy, cartomancy, numerology, dream analysis or interpretation and palmistry.


The structured readings can be used for divination, for foretelling the future and for understanding your life better including your career status, your relationship with other people and all other aspect of your life. This reading could also help you divulge and disclose the hidden truths which can help you clear your mind, understand everything and enable you to come up with good decisions and choices in life.


2. Unstructured psychic advices


Unstructured psychic advices are usually based on the things that the psychic advisor could sense about you through your energy, aura and vibration. This kind of reading could reveal a lot about your current situation in life, your past, your feelings and emotions, your spiritual status and your relationships with other people. Examples of unstructured readings are love readings, spiritual readings, angel card readings, past life readings and future reading.

A lot of people try out unstructured advices when they feel like they need to fix or resolve something in the past and when they have a specific question in mind that they would like to know the answer. The psychic will just have to connect to their client via the spirits, the energy or anything that they could connect to that cannot be seen by the naked eye and gather information and knowledge that could be useful and beneficial regarding the person being read.


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