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Psychic Abilities

There are several psychic abilities or powers that the psychics are blessed with. Some of the well-known psychic abilities are telekinesis, strong and sensitive intuition, third eye, clairvoyance, clairsentience, clairaudience, empathy, telepathy, channeling and aura reading, to name a few.
Psychics use these abilities not only to divine the future of the client-subjects in context of their problems, but provide their solutions as well. These abilities are so amazing and so effective that it is difficult to say which one of them is superior to the other. Moreover, these abilities overlap each other and also work in tandem with each other.


Intuition may be termed as the spring head of the psychic stream out of which several distributaries or abilities flow out. It is a kind of mother ability of the psychics. Intuition can be roughly defined as the ability to sense the truth or the reality that is usually hidden behind the veil of so-called mainstream wisdom or rationalism.

The power of intuition not only enables the psychics to sense the future, but also the present and the past. The intuitive vision of the psychic hits straight at the root of the problem which may lie hidden from the clients.

 Quite often the apparent pain at a particular spot may just be a symptom of a disorder somewhere else in the body. It is like when a patient complains of pain in the foot, but the doctor traces its origin to a twisted or blocked sciatic nerve in the lower back. A small clot in the brain paralyses the whole body.

Sometimes a sick, ugly and physically deformed child is born to a young, beautiful and healthy couple. No amount of examination and analysis in terms of genetic history of the couple can provide any satisfactory explanation.

 A session with a psychic may help you know the real cause that may lie not in the genetic disorders but in some unsettled karmic account in the previous birth.


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