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Psychic Abilities – What Is Remote Viewing?

Psychics have for centuries fascinated, shocked, and even stirred up the sensibilities of many people. There are different forms of psychic ability that are popular even up to today. Among these include clairvoyance, mediumship, tarot card reading, and others.  Clairvoyance is also referred to by some psychic researchers as “remote viewing”.  Let’s take a much closer look at what remote viewing really means.       
What Is Remote Viewing?

According to definition provided by psychic researchers, “remote viewing” is defined as a mental faculty which allows the psychic (also called a “viewer”)   to see, access information and get details, about an event, occurrence, person or thing, even if they are far away, or the event has not happened yet. The ability to access information or gain knowledge about something that has not happened is done not through the use of the five basic normal senses, but through the use of a higher, supernatural sense (which some call the “sixth sense”).

Remote Viewing Crystal BallHow Closely Related Is Remote Viewing To Clairvoyance?

Because remote viewing enables a person to see visions of people, objects or events even if they haven’t happened yet, it is very obvious that it is closely related to other paraphysiological phenomena such as telepathy and clairvoyance. Whatever it is that makes the person see thing beyond the use of the five basic human senses also falls under the same premise, or underlying ability such as clairvoyance. However, remote viewing is not as precise or clear as what others might think, but it should rather be seen as a healthy mix of various phenomena. When a person has the ability to perform remote viewing, the experiences he or she feels also involves generating impressions through the use of the other senses, such as taste, smell, hear and feel textures.

Have Studies Been Done To Validate This Psychic Ability?

There have been a number of scientific studies and laboratory tests which have been done to validate psychic skills such as remote viewing.  In one unnamed study, the remote viewer was kept in the dark with regard to the nature and identity of the target, until the test had been completed. Some tests and remote viewing sessions have been conducted in environments that prevented the “target” from leaking information to the viewer.

And while remote viewing is definitely a very unique and useful psychic ability, veteran psychics stress that it should not be utilized for fortune telling, reading auras, and even for giving psychic readings. Remote viewing should instead be used for tasks like aiding police in crime investigations, commercial applications and even in government intelligence work. If you want to test if you have remote viewing abilities, here’s what you should do – First you need to relax, close your eyes, and empty your minds of all noises or distractions. Next, try to focus your thoughts on something soothing or relaxing. You could imagine yourself sitting on a grassy, breezy field all by yourself, or imagining sitting on a secluded beach, and basking in the sun and surf. Also try to meditate on a daily basis, and allow the universe to communicate with you, or sends visions and even blurry images to your mind.



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