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The Process Involved in a Relationship Psychic Reading

It’s not just the recession that’s pulling more people to psychic hotlines and live consultations today. Some surveys have revealed that relationship issues and problems are driving more people into getting face-to-face, telephone or email psychic consultations. Below are a number of helpful tips on how a psychic does a relationship psychic reading.

Set The Mood, and Focus On the Client

One of the first steps towards performing a meaningful relationship psychic reading, is by setting the mood with the client. To do this, both the reader and the client should be relaxed, and be in a chatty yet comfortable mood.

Relationship Psychic ReadingUse Psychic Tools to Lighten The Mood

A number of tools and items are also great for enhancing your mood, as well as that of the client, before doing a psychic reading. Among the most commonly-used divination tools include tarot cards, crystal balls, incense, candles, lamps, runes and others. The room where the psychic reading is performed should also be far from any outside distractions or noises. 

Ask The Client a Question

Next, the psychic and the customer begin formulating questions. If you the psychic are using the tarot cards, before shuffling the cards, the reader and the customer should agree on asking only “open-ended” questions, which can easily be answered by Yes or No.  And although not all questions can be answered by a simple yes or no, this rule should help both the reader and the client simplify things, and make the reading a more simple, yet meaningful one. 

Watch What You Say, And Do Not Tell The Client What To Do

And when performing a relationship psychic reading, the psychic will make sure that they deliver the information in a respectful and sensitive manner. They will always make it a point to avoid causing unnecessary alarm or harm. Remember that the future is not “set in stone”, and each one of us will have a wide array of possibilities that are open to us.  And when doing a relationship reading, it is imperative to find a good balance between telling the client what to do, and simply advising them.  A good psychic will always resist the urge to “play God”. And will instead, gently allow the customer to realise that they have the ability to make their own decisions, take control of their lives, and steer themselves to their goals or objectives in life. 

If you really intend to become a full-pledged relationship psychic, always make sure that your special ability does not go into your head, and inflate your ego. The sad truth is that many psychics see their egos, and common sense, go down the drain once they’ve successfully done readings for a period of time. Keep in mind that most people would rather prefer for psychics who have a gentle, affectionate and down-to-earth attitude.  



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