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Pre-marriage Counseling: A Self-awareness Approach

Pre-marriage counseling is the process of identifying an individual’s self needs such as psychological needs and wants of individuals that are seeking psychological advice for their future marriage. In this manner, this process is important to a certain pre married couples for the reason that it helps them to remove their anxious behavior at a specific period of time. When conducting self-awareness activities, a person can have the opportunity to release their behavioral constraints for the reason that this is a beneficial action that will help them to prevent personal conflicts that can lead to depression. When a person will be undergoing self-awareness activities, they will be able to have the chance to express their concerns because it can have the capability to decrease the level of anxiety behavior that can be a risk factor for an individual to become more open minded. By using self-awareness activities, behavioral management can be facilitated by a health care professional for the reason that they are skilled and knowledgeable enough to improve the psychological integrity of an individual that are currently experiencing psychological incapacity.

Behavioral management by means of pre-marriage counseling refers to a modification of an individual’s emotional and intellectual integrity that can be applied to all individuals of any age particularly for those who will be getting married soon. It is because the aim of pre-marriage counseling is to improve the psychological well-being of a person. This process can be applied for individuals that are suffering from psychological distress can be undergoing poor family background that is a factor that triggered her low self esteem as well as low self-worth. Integrating specific challenging behaviors are highlighted in this study to provide intervention that will develop highly quality psychological management to maximize the patients that are in early childhood that will help them attain healthy psychological well-being at a short period of time while learning more knowledge, skills, and attitude towards a particular subject matter.

Self-awareness is an approach that can be facilitated by psychologists or any medical professionals that are licensed to provide pre-married counseling to any individuals especially for couples that are planning to start a new life. In this case, people that are involved in behavioral management can have the capacity to improve their cognitive as well as with their psychological behavior at a specific period of time. In this case, behavioral management is important because this is a proven scientific management activity that will help individuals to restore healthy psychological behaviors. People that will be involved with this practice will allow patients to prevent eliciting abnormal behaviors such as showing anti-social behaviors, histrionic, or severe anxiety behaviors. A person that shows abnormal personality behaviors in the long run will result for having impaired coping behaviors that will lead to neurotic and psychotic behaviors if it will not be treated on the shortest possible time. Behavioral management is considered as an intervention that will support with the psychological integrity for the patients to prevent future aggressive and agitated behaviors.


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