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Popular Tarot Spreads and Their Meanings

Each card has meanings. When you are using tarot cards in reading your destiny, the tarot reader ask you to shuffle the decks. This is said that you are transferring the energy to the cards and this is how affecting the reading. The tarot reader now lays out the card what we called the Tarot spreads. There is different tarot spreads depends on what you want the tarot read lay do for you. It can be in some specific topic or in general

Here are some popular tarot spreads:

Celtic Cross- This is very common tarot spread and widely used. It used 10 cards. Are you having trouble in your present relationship? Or you are still looking for someone to be with. Let the love spread gives you answer. It will direct you what to do to find happiness in your relationship. The first 6 cards spread laid out in the left side are called the circle or cross. It represents what you are been going through. This is your situation at the moment, your problem, how did the problem arises and the people affecting you. Numbers 7-10 deals with how you will deal whit the problem or the solution.

Tree of Life- This is used to clarify some things in your life including the past, present and the future. This is used if you want to know the cause and effect of the situations in your life. It is believe that karma depends on what you are doing either you will receive a good or bad karma. This spread will help you to better understand your life and what you will do to have a good life ahead of you.

Horoscope Spread- This card used 12 cards represent the zodiac signs (Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, and Pisces). This is also called the zodiac tarot spread. Each astrological sign do represent a meaning and the reader will interpret each meaning to you. This will guide you about what is ahead of you and to identify things that might influence your future.

The Partners Tarot Spread- Are you into a relationship? Or you are planning to join business partnership? This tarot spread will help you to have a better relationship with your partner. This spread will require both of you to participate in shuffling the cards and has its own turn in pulling one card. The outcome will give you better insights for each other.

The Money Tarot Spread-This refers the financial aspect. If you are financially down, you can ask the card what is wrong with you and what are the changes to make to attract luck in terms of money. This will help you to find the wealth you are looking for.

True Love Tarot Spread-Who doesn’t want to have a healthy relationship with your true love? The first card represents you. The second card is the love of your life. Third is the connection that binds you both. Fourth card is the strengths while the fifth is the other way around or the weaknesses. The sixth card is guiding you the things to have a successful relationship.

Tarot Spreads come in different types and forms depends on what do you want to know about your life. The tarot spreads provide you information and a directive to your life.


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